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17 thoughts on “A new screenshot

  1. I could be a crane or something like that or it could be a wild boar or japanese dear but I have a couple of other ideas also. You posted on twitter how you were having problems with the scores being bunched up. Well you could do it like a lot of successful games do: have a limited 8 scores be posted and every single time someone gets a higher score it will knock out the lowest score.
    Also another theme you could have is new york city with king kong kind of gorilla and in the backround you could have city backround and it could be night instead of day and you could have a moon instead of the sun also instead of grass you could have the gorilla climbing piecwes of the road. Thx 4 listening

  2. How about a koi fish? That or a honda civic. ^-^

  3. I was going to say Koi too! I guess it would be too late to save if it was sushi…

  4. Hey fellow dev, a feature I have in my game is touch screen to pause. I have it in my game 4ever fall

  5. How about a komoto dragon.

  6. How about a Panda? And make it a chinese theme…

  7. How about a panda bear?

  8. How about one of those japanese racoon looking things, I forget the name, its what mario turns into when he gets the red leaf πŸ™‚

    • A tanuki! That’s what I was going to suggest =)

      I second the animal being a tanuki… it’s kind of a big staple of Japanese culture.

  9. How about a whale?? These guys hunt a lot of whales

  10. i think you should try a hummingbird because it really blends in with the background and it is probably the most colorful thing i have ever seen.

  11. i like david’s idea of using a dragon for this theme.
    Or maybe a yellow cow with slanted eyes and a chinese hat πŸ™‚

  12. Well I believe the koi fish will have to be the best one. It represents japanese culture very well. A tanuki will work as well, but it is a colorful background and it would be nice to see a colorful animal.
    Maybe you should design both and ask people which they would prefer to see. The koi fish could be in a fish bowl and them your trademark parachute. Also a suggestion for the game, if you create enemies make it so they can be bounced on and upping the difficulty level, a flying saucer perhaps and some cut scenes between levels, some sound effects. It is a great game and it would be nice to make iphone users jealous that we have a great game. And a yellow cow with slanted eyes? That is not cool, be open minded.

  13. A panda would be perfect. I believe they’re not actually bears. Big fan of game. If I have to pay for a new version, I will.

  14. very poetic screenshot

  15. a koi! or a bowl of rice

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