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22 thoughts on “Which do you prefer?

  1. Giraffe! Definitely giraffe. And GREAT work on this game! Can’t wait for the pay version

  2. I like the rhino.

  3. i vote for the giraffe

  4. Definitly the giraffe

  5. I think the rhino is better since it’s shaped more like the cow.
    The giraffe is longer and thinner, like the kangaroo, and harder to use when you’re used to the cow.

  6. I think the rhino should rescue the giraffes. =]

  7. Giraffe! Giraffe! Great game!

  8. I guess the Giraffe but they are both super cute. Keep the Rhino for the Noah’s Ark final round.

  9. I’d say rhino, if only it was stockier, and had larger feet for its base…since not, I vote giraffe…

  10. the giraffe if it becomes rihno in the middle of the level, or reverse ;o)

  11. Keep them both and let users choose πŸ™‚ I also have an idea for the full version: make some cool game modes with for example going down instead of up (it’s cool!), a level with always crumble on, a level with enemys which you may not touch (jump on to kill em or something) and a level where you have to go sideways. Thx and I hope that paid apps will come soon in the Netherlands!

  12. i think you should defiantly go with a giraffe because all animals in the game are square shaped but a giraffe has a long neck which makes it sort of look unique.

  13. Make the other one unlockable!

  14. I definitely think you should use the giraffee. Its way cuter. By the way, AMAZING job with the game!! Its my favorite game on the phone. So I just wanted to give you props =D

  15. I most definately like the Giraffe it looks like it will be harder to manuver around the rhino would be like the cow. I mean don’t get me wrong the cow is hard enough to move around but put something in that’s different in shape….


  16. I like both of them sweet pets πŸ™‚

    By the way: I can’t wait for the paid version, but take your time and optimize it as good as you can! A side note: on Android firmware/SDK 1.5 the game is laggy, but smooth on 1.1. Maybe you should take a look at the released “Android SDK 1.5 preview”… in preparation for the upcoming Android devices (the next one’s HTC Magic).

  17. Definitely the Giraffe! Can’t wait for the full game! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  18. this is THE most adorable game. i like the ‘raffe.

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