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Some new screenshots


Here is a quick look at the profile select screen:


… and the charcter select dialog:


and finally for today, the challenge select screen:


Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

11 thoughts on “Some new screenshots

  1. wow, that really is awesome. This game is about to be ten times more addicting than it already is lol

  2. Woah! Those all look awesome! I can’t wait to play it! You’re doing some great work.

  3. yay, you made a tiger! Are you gonna make other animals have animations too? like the kangaroo did? it would be cool to see…

  4. Some will have animations, but it’s quite hard to animate others, since they mainly consist of a square body πŸ™‚ Maybe some subtle eye movement?

  5. Omg I can’t wait 4 it to come out but does it realy have to cost money I mean seriously awesome game and all but don’t make it ova a buck or I’m gonna miss out on the great game plus I hope you heard my suggestions and used them plz respond.

    Great game!

  6. Best feature ever would be user cntributed themes or a theme engine that you can apply your own images to . Great game πŸ™‚

  7. Liking the profiles, what’s the ETA for the full version?

    • I actually have a problem with publishing apps at the moment – assuming google can fix that problem for me we’re looking like early next week I think. More in a blog update later tonight…

  8. Wow this game is going to be even better!
    I can’t wait for it to be all done. πŸ™‚
    You’re an awesome dev. Best game on the Market!

  9. how do you make games for the g1? i love your game and i want to know what programs you use,

  10. It looks really great. I’m a big fan of your game.

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