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What’s new in the first full game updates?


I released a couple of updates today. Here’s the full list of changes:

– Force Close problems fixed

– New character (see instructions for hints on how to find him)

– Added northern lights background to arctic levels (see image below)

– Added sounds (countdown timer, parachutes opening)

– Improved sound performance

– Safety net changed to Extra Life which also protects you from bombs

– New icon

– Some other things I’ve forgotten


(btw, the colour banding is less obvious in game)

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

5 thoughts on “What’s new in the first full game updates?

  1. Nice updates… I now have unlocked all the characters except for two — one of them looks like a gorilla(it is the silhouette between between the rhinoceros and the tiger), the other looks like a narwhal (between deer and crocodile). Haven’t figured that out yet.

    In terms of play balance, two levels stick out — “allergies” (#6 under the mayhem challenges) seems insanely difficult. I could frequently get ~80% of the way to the top, and then I would have only one possible ledge to jump to, and there would be a bonus package sitting right in the middle of the ledge, or otherwise so close that a jump (especially with a bit of evil lag thrown in) was almost impossible. The other one I struggled with was “pasture points” (#7 under the score attack challenges). The game cheated, I swear. It’s the only level I saw anywhere in which the ledges seemed to move randomly, especially near the top. So, as you are on the downward arc of the jump, the ledge you’re aiming for can suddenly scoot out from under you, changing direction.

    • OK — figured out where gorilla and narwhale were hiding. I’ve been replaying adventure levels with the new characters, trying to raise my score. On the extra dicey levels, I tend to turn on airplane mode to cut down on lag….

      • I love the first 1 but I do not have a credit card but I really want to full version because I have beat the demo

    • I agree with you about the allergies level, and I’ve made it a little easier on the update.

      There are actually a few levels where the ledges move randomly (e.g. Random Rhinos, Inifinte levels). The best way to deal with them is to try and hit the ledge when it’s near an screen edge and has nowhere to go.

      • Thanks — and after replaying some of the levels, I have seen the other random platforms that you mention. I must have just skated by those with unusual luck the first time around. Great game, great work….

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