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New release 1.0.3


… is out now, change list:

– Bug fix: Timer keeps going during pause in Time Trial
– Bug fix: Some animals don’t work as the falling character in custom mode
– In game score display improved
– Allergies level made easier
– Branch foreground image added to pastures levels
– Performance improved – lag is less frequent

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

2 thoughts on “New release 1.0.3

  1. hey im sorry to post this here but i had try different ways to get a answer and nothing work,i purchase the game for my G1 got charge already for it in my credit card but i dont have the game it says the it will be download ,is been 2 days and Im still waiting just want to know what is going on
    thank you


    • Hi,

      It’s ok to post here – there are a lot of people with the same problem. 90% of the time it is simply because there are some details incorrect on the credit card details. You should receive an email from Google telling you this, but it seems that it doesn’t always get sent. You can check this by logging into Google Checkout and checking the status of the order.

      There is a further problem (detailed here: which occurs infrequently across every app on android market. Sometimes when the purchase goes through the download still doesn’t start. There are a few suggestions for this one:

      – If you are using wifi, try using 3g instead
      – Run google talk and see if that helps
      – Restart the phone


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