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A dead laptop has meant updates have been quiet recently, but yesterday I released updates for all my games.

Milky Milky has local scores fixed (before all entries were showing as easy, regardless of actual difficulty)
Abduction! World Attack has the vs brown cow force close issue fixed and a new char (see below)
Abduction! Has 3 additional challenges added to it


I’ve also working on a new game:


Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

8 thoughts on “Game updates

  1. So happy to see the updates! I always look forward to them. Sadly due to a few handset exchanges I have to start all over with world attack. But that’s alright. Looking forward to the new game! If its anything close to your other games it’ll be great!

  2. Tell us something about the new game!

    I heard you where developing an opengl 2d framework for writing games: i’m doing the same. My framework allows easy switching between canvas and opengl using an abstraction layer.

    I am thinking of opensourcing the abstraction layer.
    It is not finished though

  3. i have a question. I have an unlock g1 (I use AT&T with no wireless data plan) When I play abduction does it have to be on the internet while i play?

  4. Hello. Olive playing abduction so much that I want to buy it.

    The problem is I cannot buy any app from it due to location and phone licence issue.

    Is there anyway I can buy it out side of android market?

  5. Have you ever considered making a t-shirt out of the characters in Abduction! I’d love to get one of it for a friend of mine who really loves the game. You could probably use cafepress or zazzle or something like that.

    • I had not considered this before, but if there is demand, then I’ll look into it.

      • I’ve never actually used zazzle or cafepress, but my impression is that it doesn’t cost anything to put something up for sale there, although it would certainly take time to design a t-shirt.

  6. We are looking for people that either is considering to develop or have already developed application(s) on the Android platform.

    The Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, together with the University of Manchester, UK, is about to start a study in US on developer experience.

    The research process includes online sessions in mid September. This will consist in participating during 10 days (1 question per day) to a bulletin board session (i.e. a forum on the web site – no installation required).

    If you would like to participate in one of the sessions, that would take a maximum of 15 minutes of your time (per day), please contact me at:

    30 $ will be offered to the participants.

    Zu-Yon Han at Pronto Communication, Sweden.

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