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Abduction! unlockable characters *spoilers*


After having had several requests, here is a run down of the characters and how to unlock them. If you are looking for hints instead of the exact method, look at the end of the instructions in game.

Text is coloured white, so drag your mouse over to highlight below and see the spoilers:

— Start —

Cow – Available from start

Sheep – Beat the Pasture levels in Adventure mode

Kangaroo – Beat the Australian levels in Adventure mode

Seal – Beat the Ice levels in Adventure mode

Goat – Beat the Mountain levels in Adventure mode

Rhino – Beat the Savanna levels in Adventure mode

Deer – Beat the Japanese levels in Adventure mode

Tiger – Beat the Jungle levels in Adventure mode

Giraffe – Beat all “Friend Rescue” challenges

Crocodile – Beat all “Mayhem” challenges

Walrus – Beat all “Versus CPU” challenges

Camel – Beat all “Moon” challenges

Penguin – Beat all “Score Attack” challenges

Wombat – Beat all “Time Trial” challenges

Brown Cow – Beat the cpu on versus mode on easy difficulty

Gorilla – Beat the cpu on versus mode on medium difficulty

Narwhal – Beat the cpu on versus mode on hard difficulty

Consolation Pig – Get to the top during an adventure level but miss the very last platform and fall

White Tiger – Beat any adventure mode in the mountains using the regular tiger

Bull – Get gold on all challenges

Hippo – Beat the hippo in versus mode with the Savanna theme

Elephant – Lose to the elephant in versus mode with the Savanna theme

Warthog – Beat the Warthog in hard versus mode with the Pig

— End —

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

43 thoughts on “Abduction! unlockable characters *spoilers*

  1. I lost to the elephant on versus mode on every difficulty and got gold on all challenges and nothing happened.

  2. I didn’t know how to contact you, but first off: thanks so much for creating Abduction!, since it’s ridiculously addictive. I just bought the full World Attack after going through all the adventure levels in the free demo. Have you ever thought about possibly allowing profile imports so that people who just played through the levels don’t have to redo the whole thing? That would be awesome in general for those who choose to upgrade.

  3. I beat the hippo several times on savanna and im still not unlocking it. what do i need to do?

  4. I just have the Bull ( 😀 ) but an undiscover animal stay behind the elephant on the list. Who is it and how can we unlock it?

    • The instructions have hints at the end for most unlockable characters

    • I don’t have that too. It doesn’y have in “Abduction! unlockable characters *spoilers*” blog. I think it means it cannot unlock coz unlockable character is above character. – -“

  5. How could i get the Consolitation Pig?
    I’ve tried it several times but nothing happends.

    I jumped to the top and missed the last platform.
    But no consolitation pig ?!?

    What should i do exactly to get this last character ..
    Is there a need to play a special adventure?
    I played the first adventure level…

    • There is no need to play any special adventure level, any including the very first one should do.

      From a couple of reports it appears this may be a bug, I’m investigating it now and will publish an update if it turns out to be a bug.

    • To obtain the pig, its true that you have to miss the last platform, but i have to be the very LAST ADVENTURE level !!!

  6. All my friends at work and myself love Abduction. Anytime something goes wrong we call it crumble. Was thinking there should be a Struggle gift box, if activated you move the opposite way of the tilt. Just a thought 🙂

  7. I have all these unlocked but there is one more locked character (at the far right of the lineup)… how do i unlock it?

  8. weirdness… I got the backflip phone and the only animal that I don’t have is the rhino! I have beaten all levels and even gotten gold on all levels! what to do… what to do…

    • at least thats the animal that I think I am missing… its between the giraffe and the gorilla…

    • There seems to be a bug where if you unlock two characters on one level, you only receive one of them. To get the rhino, you will need to beat the last savanna level again and he should turn up.

  9. I updated the game but still no consolation pig… I played several adventures and missed the top but I didnt get it. is it a bug?

  10. there is no warthog in my versus selection

  11. I love the game but how can i move faster up the platforms to beat the time attacks.. sometimes when there are a bunch of platforms one after another in a row i cant jump the the top one the animal goes high above the platform and has to come down to jump again and the animal wont just continually jump… sorry if i explained that weird i hope you understand what im saying

  12. I’ve tried countless times…I REALLY want to get the consolation pig, yet I cannot get it D:
    Pleeze help!!

  13. Love the game as much as I hate it. Got both all the challenge levels and adventure mode, but I am still missing 3 characters.

    Bull, Kangaroo and Wombat. I know why I don’t have bull, I don’t have gold yet on all challenges, but I should have Kangaroo and Wombat.

  14. how in the world can i get the narwal????

  15. there is 1 animal that is the last 1 and i cant get it is there a new animal coming and when is abduction 2 coming out

  16. WHen is the new abduction coming out and is there a new animal coming soon

  17. will abduction 2 be able to download soon plz replay

  18. Is there any update in the makes for alternate animal death sounds?

  19. Hi, my daughter loves playing this game on the “kids” setting in the quick game. In the free version she was able to play as the other characters but in the full version she is only able to play as the cow. Is there a way that she could play as one of the other characters within the “kids” setting? Many thanks H xx

  20. For those of us that can’t mouse over the spoilers wat r we supposed to do?

  21. Ya boy just got all the Characters!!!!:]

  22. Help! I’m missing the goat. I beat all the adventure levels and I’ve done the mountain levels a few times now. It’s the only one I’m missing (besides the bull). What should I do?

  23. So I have completed all the levels and captured all the caged animals but it’s still saying I’m only at 74.9%…. How do I get to 100%??? There are no instructions that I can find.. BUT I love this game either way, I just want to beat it like I beat Abduction 1…

  24. I can’t unlock the Buffalo on my LG optimus (android). I also can’t get more than 87%. Do I have to get 3pts in each level? I can’t see your instructions either…. my phone wont let me highlight the text

    • Yes, the percentage includes medals and saved animals, so you need to get the gold (3 points) medal on all levels. The Buffalo should get unlocked after the 3rd level in USA on classic mode. If it didn’t work, try completing that level again and it should unlock.

    • Hey try using a laptop or desk top to view them. my android did the same thing so i used my laptop. Goodluck!

  25. I beat the elephant on the savanna theme on all difficulties and still didnt get the elephant…is there a certain character i should be to go against the elephant?

  26. Hey thanks for creating an awesome game. It is lots of fun but now ive beaten the game entirely and im kinda bored. You should make a new adventure update. And even though it would support you which im all for, i dont really want to buy a whole nother game. Thank you any way.

  27. you know i can finish the last adventure…..

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