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Abduction! download stats


I noticed a few Android app blogs were publishing their download stats, so I thought I’d join in.

The top purple line is the star rating (scale on right)
The green line is total downloads
The lower purple/blue line is active installs


Some observations:

1. You can see the period at the start where it went from a beta release to a full game in a series of rapid and major updates by the reflection on the star rating (purple line).

2. The sudden gradient change in mid-April is when the game became a featured app

3. The paid version was released at the end of April

4. Most blips where downloads increase coincide with updates

5. The growth rate since June is amazingly consistent. It’ll be interesting to see if new Android devices make the audience larger and change this at all

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

12 thoughts on “Abduction! download stats

  1. Larvalabs say they average 60 dollars a day. What is your average?

  2. Seems quite interesting game 🙂

  3. Nice! Thanks for sharing. It’s always nice to see how other apps are performing and see what went right and what went wrong. The downloads of my game Puzzle Blox are stagnating at a quite flat rate the moment 😦

    Also an interesting read: Creating a hit iPhone game

    In general it reflects what you have also written: Becoming a featured app is the key to success!

    — André

    • Thanks for the link, interesting reading.

      Something I forgot to mention is that the free version was replaced by the paid version as a featured app. In retrospect this seems to have been a backwards step as both free and paid versions took a dip in response.

      Sorry to hear Puzzle Blox downloads are stagnating – I gave it a go and enjoyed it. (No paid apps available for me unfortunately).

      • I just released a new beta of Puzzle Blox Arcade! which will supersede the current Lite version. Hope to kick ass with this version :))

        Honestly I tried to use Abduction! as reference on “how to do it right” 😉 But how can you sell games via the Google Android market without being able to purchase them?! *scratching-my-head* 🙂

        — André

        • I am from the UK originally, so have UK bank, google account etc for selling apps, but I’m living in Australia now and Optus doesn’t serve up paid apps.

  4. Interesting stats, thanks for sharing. How did you gather the stats to generate the graph? I have a Google developer account for my own app, but have not found a way to get historical info like this.

  5. Hi,

    I have tested Abduction on the new Android tablet, the Archos 5IT (5″ screen with 800×480 resolution) and this game works correctly but three points :
    – the home screen is windowed (all the rest of game is in fully screen)
    – sometimes there are some graphicals artefacts probably due to the large screen (the details like mountains are not displayed in the entire screen)
    – in full details mode, the rain occurs some bad framerates

    Do you know if an update could fix these problems ?

    Thanks a lot for the quality of your work !

  6. Congrats! Stats looks wonderful!

  7. Hello,
    Did you do something to become a “featured app” ?
    My dream is to have the same stats as you with my app : Music folder player.
    You are my model !

    • As far as I’m aware there isn’t a way to nominate yourself or others for a featured app. I think it just comes internally from Google employees.

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