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4 thoughts on “New game screenshots

  1. This one definitely looks like a winner!

    I didn’t like Milky Milky very much, but this one seems like a gem finder or Boulder Dash, and it’s the kind of games that I like.

    It looks good

  2. This looks GREAT; exactly like Miner Dig Deep, in fact. It appears that MDD inspired this game, and if this is the case, hope Robir gets some credit.

    • MDD is one of the influences, as is Motherload, California Gold Rush, I Dig It, MLU, MLU2 and countless others. MDD is not an original game, it just brought the mining RPG genre into the mainstream.

  3. Phil,
    Your games are super-cool and absolutely addicting to play! Are you in the market to build games on consignment? We have a series of games needing developed and would like to know if you are interested?

    Thanks for the great games!
    Alex Dove

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