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logoddGem Miner: Dig Deeper is now available on the Android Market priced 1.35 GBP (approx $2.20 US).

Compared to the free version:

  • more difficulty levels
  • much bigger mines
  • loads of new ores, metals and gems

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

78 thoughts on “Dig Deeper

  1. just bought it, cheers

  2. Am on my way to purchase now!

  3. Result! Another fine game, Phil.

    Any word on whether Canadians will ever be able to purchase your games through Android Market? I know of many people who would like to, but the only service provider here that supports the Android phones, Rogers, doesn’t offer this option.

    • I intend to put Gem Miner: Dig Deeper onto SlideME/SAM ( in the next few days.

      • Thanks, Phil – will definitely check it out.

        You are one seriously creative dude. And always helpful. Respect!

        • OK, I’ve registered with SlideME, have downloaded the app to the phone by pasting the app-download address into the phone’s browser(although afterwards no icon shows up anywhere in the menu, which makes me wonder), and I have a question for you: why does Windows Vista, which is admittedly paranoid about security, keep popping up warnings about the site’s security certificate/cert. error/navigation blocked, etc.? This may not be cool, where the use of one’s credit card is concerned.

          I think your idea of using a ‘third party’ – which will cater to people otherwise left out of the Market & enable them to access your full games – is brilliant, but is this to be trusted? Or is this just some minor glitch in the on-going works?

          • I cannot take responsibility for any issues you might have with them, but SlideME is a major market alternative, and many of the most popular paid apps are hosted on it.

            The reason there is a security warning is that the domain has recently changed and the certificate has not been updated. I think you can still use the old address to avoid these warnings.

      • Have you thought about listing at AndAppStore ( as well?

  4. I’d love to buy Abduction, but I have an ADP1. The paid version doesn’t show up on the Market for purchase. Will you ever release it so that it can be purchased on ADP1? I’m sure there might be others who currently can’t buy it that would buy it then too.

  5. Amazing game, a few suggestions which would make it even better.

    You can stop the lift by tapping left or right when it is moving up or down, but you cannot dig or get off the lift except at the top or bottom. As it is fairly easy to stop the lift where you want it would be great to be able to dig or walk off the lift at any point. This is possible on a similar game on xbox live, which I also play.

    Other similar games have teleport which enable you to set up a teleport point that takes you right back to camp, saves a lot of time when you have dug very deep.

    Even without these additions its very addictive and well constructed!!

  6. Sorry, Phil, Mobentoo is miiighty frustrating: both of their app downloads are now on my phone and on my computer, synced – I’ve tried everything I can think of to find a way to pay for Abduction, first on the phone, and then on the computer with the phone attached – yet there’s no visible option to pay, anywhere. Man, is it really necessary for us Canadians to have to suffer like this?;-)

    • I take some of that back;-) There is one way around this convoluted process. For those wanting to access paid apps/games through Mobentoo in countries where certain apps aren’t available through the reg. channels: On your Android mobile choose “Menu,” “Settings,” “Applications,” and check the box for ‘Unknown Sources: Allow Install of non-Market apps.’ Very important! Then, after registering & logging in on your handset, and selecting to install “sam2-2.apk” [the Mobentoo download icon, 349 KB], the download of the Mobentoo Market app will work just fine. Their market is pretty cool, once you’re in there.

      And thus the Word, er, the adherents of Abduction and Gem Miner shall spread across the globe:-)

  7. Having bought all the torch upgrades in the game, i fail to see the point, the lit circle around my character didn’t get any bigger after the first few light upgrades.

  8. What’s the point with the drill?
    Btw there is application called “market enabler” that you can fake ADP. But yeah, is also truested source for downloading…
    My guest that owner of the application gets more profit there instead of android market. Am I right?

    • The drill doesn’t use as much stamina as the pickaxe. Also, at its higher levels it is more powerful than the pickaxe can get.

      The cut taken by slideME is the same as android market (30%).

  9. I purchased larger lantern etc and whilst I could see more of the squares around me, it didn’t reveal these squares on the map. That’s quite annoying as if I can see them why can’t it reveal them on the map?

    Otherwise loving the game. Could do with a basic manual and it could do with something explaining how you progress to the next level. I’m still on the first one and no idea what I have to do to unlock the next one. Maybe it says in the tutorial but after restarting the game a few times I turned off the tutorial as I couldn’t be bothered going through it again and again.

    Oh and I saved up to buy the drill thinking it’d smash through rock but instead it didn’t seem much better than the advanced pick axe I’d bought. Could that at least be a feature of a more expensive drill? Maybe it is, I just haven’t got to the end of a level yet.

    • Thanks for your suggestions.

      I am about to release an update that increases the size of lantern upgrades a little, and also reveals tiles on the map as you describe.

      You cannot unlock harder difficulty levels without purchasing the full game.

      The drill doesn’t drill through rock, but at it’s higher levels it is stronger than the pickaxe and it takes less stamina to use. You can see explanations of items by pressing on their image in the shop.

      I am planning to add a manual soon.

  10. An absolutely wonderful game, Phil. Taking up a lot of my slack time in work at present. I’d suggest increasing the price of ladders slightly and giving the user the ability to pick them up again in the mine.

  11. This is the most addicting game I have ever played on my phone. My only complaint is when I dig really deep, it is REALLY difficult to get back up to the top before stamina runs out and then I lose all the ores. That is really annoying. That and it is so easy to fall really far and you lose all your ores that way too.

    How do you save the game?

    Other than that I love it! Great job!

    • You can save the game by going in front of the tent and pressing up when the icon appears above your head. This is clearer from the tutorial in the latest update.

      You can increase your stamina by buying the camp upgrades. Also, if you upgrade the pickaxe/drill you will use less stamina as you dig. Using lifts will also save stamina, especially when coming back to the surface.

  12. OWhen will it be abel on slideme. Cant find it

  13. When willy it be on slideme.Cant find it

  14. I have been enjoying the free version of Gem Miner, and I would like to buy the full version, but I’ve been unable so far. I can’t see it in the Android market, or in the SlideME market.

    What can I do to buy a copy of your game?

  15. Phil I have to say I think I love this game more than Abduction! You did a great job on it! I bought it no questions asked because of you reputation as a programmer/game designer!

    I would like to see a manual (which you’ve already mentioned you’re working on). It would be nice if it showed the different gem types and how much they’re worth.

    Also I’m never quite sure when I press pause if its actually paused or not. Some sort of pause graphic on the screen would be nice.

    There are some bugs which I’m sure you know about, like force close after you get a text message or phone call, but I’m confident you’ll work them out. All in all, awesome job!

  16. I really want to buy this game for my HTC magic but I can’t because Google checkout doesn’t support maestro. Is there any other way I can buy it?

  17. Hey off subject but can you take an app request? I need an app (sprint usa) that would take live data from that I can run live on my HTC hero android phone

  18. Hey Phil. I really love your work.
    But as I don’t get the sense in using credit cards, and there is still no other paying option, I am unable to buy any apps atm.
    I would like to try it with SlideME and “Dig Deeper” for the first time, but I can only find the free version of Gem Miner.
    Didn’t you add it yet?
    Keep on with the good work!

  19. I have spent 1 hour to look for the game, no way.
    – The android market shows me only the free version.
    – When I click on the upgrade in the game, it fails finding the upgrade.
    – On SAM website, the “applications” (and the search) tab does not work.
    – I downloaded the SAM on my android, I do a search, it does not find the software.

    It seems no way to find it …

  20. I love this game too, but I would like it more if one got a) recognition for having found all the gems and a sense of the thing ending b) with that, some kind of measurement (either the number of dollars once all the gems are found, or the time it took to find all the gems) which is recorded at the end and you could use to try and beat the next time you play the game.

  21. can you pick up ladders that you set down?

  22. hey! my partner and I are growing increasingly addicted to Gem Miner (we bought the full version Dig Deeper). However, in order to allow me to nap yesterday, we turned the sound off. Unfortunately, we can’t remember what we did and now can’t figure out how to turn the sound back on.

    Tried the ‘media volume’ via the volume buttons (we have a G1).

    any suggestions?

    thanks for this great game!

  23. I found the giant purple amethyst.

    My life is now complete.

    Awesome game, thanks.

  24. One feature that might be nice would be barricades. Placeable items that either prevent passage or, maybe, request a dialog for passage. 50 gold each maybe. Would help a player to avoid wrong turns and such.
    Seems like most mines would have these anyway. Maybe they could be destroyed by digging several times. Whatever would seem most appropriate.

  25. Really enjoy Gem Miner: Dig Deeper. However I had one problem on my Droid. Whenever I accidently hit the key while playing it exists the game and all progress back to the last save is lost. I can’t re-enter the game, except at last save point. Really a bummer if your down deep with a full load of goodies.

    If you accidently hit the back key while playing you get a prompt and can avoid this fate. The key isn’t so gracious. Both the and keys are right on the edge of the touch screen of the Droid, so sooner or later fat fingers will hit these guys occassionly. Keep up the good work.


  26. Phil, what’s the best way to get in touch? I have a question unrelated to the blog and can’t find a contact field. Thanks.

  27. Hello!

    Thanks for an outstanding games. I am playing Abduction Free version for now and willing to buy it, but… there is no way to get it 😦 Paid Applications are blocked in Android Market for Russia. I have tried to buy it from, but with no success. I simply can not find it in SlideMe Market on my device (I have a HTC Hero), but it is still listed on slideme web site. Any how ideas how to really buy it?
    Thanks in advance and once more – thanks for a game.

  28. I am really enjoying this game (full version), but it has not only force closed, but entirely locked up my MyTouch multiple times, requiring me to shut down the phone and restart it! Any way you can work on these stability issues?

    Also it is a really bummer that if I am distracted from my game for more than a few seconds, I lose all game progress back to the last save point. Any way to make the game pick up where it left off?

    I hope this is the proper venue in which to contact you. Thank you.

  29. Hi I have just bought a copy of dig deeper via my android market. The phone is a g1 and while the transaction went through ok the download is not working. It opens and says beginning download but goes no further. Any ideas why or what I can do get the game? Many thanks from john.

  30. Loving the free version, but I’m in Canada and can only buy the full version via SlideME, where it’s still not available.

    If you had a mailing list I could sign up to get notified of its availability, and any new games, you’d get at least $1.30 from me. πŸ™‚

  31. from norwayWill it come to slideme. I want to buy this game

  32. I’m living in Sweden and I love Gem Miner. I want to buy Dig Deeper, but can’t get hold of it either. I can’t find it on SlideME. What can I do?

  33. Can you please make an APP like the one Iphone has called the FDNY Calendar for Android users?

  34. I want to buy a GemMiner, full version. How do it? Sorry for me english…

  35. Hi im from Poland and i love your game i diged out whole mine four times and i cant buy full version nither from SM or Android market please give us hope that it will by on SM or on

  36. I’m from Finland, and can not find Dig Deeper from Android stores. Would like to purchase, but paid apps are not available in Finland. I have rooted phone however, and market enabler, but can’t find it in other stores either. Tried au-Telstra and us-tmobile. Anyone know the correct network code for Verizon (droid)? How to buy this software?

  37. It is a good game. Does developer plan to release on line flash version? Hope we can play this game online. Any way an online version can lead more users to download mobile version vice versa.

  38. I got the big purple diamond but can’t figure out how to advance. It said I could go to the next level or explore the mine further. But I don’t see an exit, etc. from level 1.

  39. I got to the Amethyst on the first level but can’t figure out how to get to 2nd level. Please help.

    • The message isn’t really clear enough. The second level is the medium difficulty, so you need to leave the game and start a new one on the next difficulty. Each difficulty level generates a random mie when you start a new game, so if you just want to try a different mine with the same level of difficulty just start a new easy game.

  40. I purchased the game and absolutely love it. I have two issues and any input would be greatly appreciated.
    1.) I am currently using a Behold II phone and whenever I get an incoming call the graphics become enlarged and freeze.
    Each time that happens I end up uninstalling the program and reinstalling it in order to continue playing. Luckily with the save feature I don’t lose my game data.

    2.) For the life of me I can’t figure out how to use the saw upgrade! I’ve tried every sort of key press combinations I can think of. I’ve also tried to pick them up by using the touch screen functions instead of the keypad. Every effort turns up no results. I am completely clueless on this one!


  41. I agree with jenn. I can’t figure out how to use the saw!

  42. To use the saw you stand in front of a ladder and do a long-press. When you’re buying something from the shop you can press on its picture and it tells you what it does and how to use it πŸ™‚

  43. Hey!

    I cant download gem dig dipper to my phone. How do i do it??

    • I cant download it either. Im using a Backflip from At&t and really want the full game but cant find it on the android market and cant get it from due to my phone not allowing me to download software. Any chance it will be back on the android market anytime soon?

  44. I adore this game! Playing the full version, finally found the giant gem. Have a question about the third challenge,though. Should coal filling up the backpack? Because it isn’t. I am assuming “underneath” means below me, is this correct? Thanks!

  45. Do you have a link???

  46. tried to download this from the droid marketplace, got an error message that it was unsuccessful – got an email saying the transaction was pending, checked online banking, purchase went through, just trying to download the but it’s repeatedly unsuccessful.

    demo was loads of fun though, look forward to having this glitch resolved

  47. I am finding it really difficult to download gem minor dig dwwper, its getting annoyiing now, can anyone help me pls.

  48. I LOVE THIS GAME. Perfect for bite-sized gaming.

    I was looking for a FAQ about this game – I need info like: What is the maximum height of a Short Lift? A Long Lift? Should you move the gray stones as low as possible before placing a Lift? Maybe a discussion about the ROI for the Saw or the Drill?

    Anyone know of anything like this?

  49. I’m trying to re-pay for Gem Miner to reload to my HTC Droid and I can’t.

  50. I’ve bought the drill, but how do I use it???

    • You click on the pix axel botton right hand corner itll give you three options: you pix axel, the drill, and then a pix axel will a red cross through it and that prevents you from digging which is helpful when traveling through the mine and not waisting stamina

  51. First off, let me say that this is a really great and addictive game.

    A few issues with it though.

    First off, the physics issues with the rock tiles. For some weird reason, they don’t drop unless you’re in a certain proximity to them. To me this is an annoying aspect of the game and something that if intentional would be better made as an option which can be turned on or off in the game.

    Secondly, the indestructivle tiles (rocks). I get the intention of this, but surely if there’s the option of buying drills anf coffee machines in this, there should also be the option of something like dynamite to blow them up- even possibly a jackhammer that had a limited amount of uses before needing to be recharged back at the tent and could say, only be used at the top of the rock. To make things interesting, using the jackhammer on the bottom rock tiles could result in death in the same way that rocks falling on you do. There are definite options here.

    Finally, one annoying thing is the fact that while you can buy supports and ladders, you cannot sell off excess amounts of them back at the shop- especially with supports where the game has them materialise out of nowhere with some rock drops.

    These 3 things are IMHO the only things taking this game from being good to being perfect, and would be great to see in a game update in the future

  52. Hey great game you have here. I think you need to add some more items to the shop and also be able to dig deeper. I always liked being able to find new gems but i dont think there was enough. Other than that favorite game on my droid and better than all the games on my itouch

  53. @Doug, the short lift is 13 squares. Still trying to figure out the long lift…

  54. I would really like to see this game come to windows mobile devices. This was truly one of my most favorite games on android.

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