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Gem Miner Update


A fairly major update went out this weekend, and as usual there isn’t enough room in the market description to fully explain the changes.

  • New challenge mode. A new way to play in bite-sized chunks. Play 3 challenges in the demo, or 9 in the full version and try to get a gold medal on each. More challenges will be added to the full version over time.
  • Beacons added to Dig Deeper. Beacons cost 2000 and can be placed anywhere in the mine. Activating a beacon teleports you back to the surface. Useful for when your mine gets really deep.
  • Trackball/D-pad controls. By popular demand, there is now an alternative control mechanism. Move/dig by pressing in the appropriate direction, click to place a ladder.
  • Droid force close issues fixed. No longer crashes when resuming from a locked screen or changing orientation on the Motorola Droid.
  • Wake log bug fixed. Pressing home to leave the game allows the screen to sleep.
  • Many other small UI improvements and bug fixes

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

42 thoughts on “Gem Miner Update

  1. Awesome! This is really a great game. My one suggestion is this: it would be great if the big gem were randomly hidden somewhere in, say, the bottom third of the mine rather than being in the same place every time. That one change would go a long way towards replay value.

  2. Could you please also update the game on SlideME.

  3. I. Love. This. Game. Completely addictive and re-playable. The last update runs slugglishly however…just me? Using a Moto Droid.

  4. I am also having problems with dig deeper being sluggish after the last update. It also seems like the directions reverse randomly and I have to slide in the opposite direction to move the player. Very frustrating cause I love this game!

    • Hi, you should just on the screen on the side of the player you want to move. If you swipe then this may cause odd behavior as you have experienced.

  5. Hello,

    I’m trying to contact you for a business offer … Thanks a lot in advance !

    Kind regards,
    Matthieu SAINT-DENIS

  6. How do you use saw. ?

    • Once you’ve purchased the saw, you hold down your finger when in front
      of a ladder or support. After a moment you will remove the object and
      it will be added to your inventory.

  7. Do you have contact info beyond this comment system?

    I really enjoy this game, but my saved games are not saved. It will keep the saved game for a while (a few days), and then loose it. When I select the saved slot, it asks me if I want to enable the tutorial, and the game starts all over. It’s frustrating, and it encourages me to stop playing.

    I’ll be happy to help debug the problem, if you’re interested. Thanks!

  8. i’m having trouble understanding the third challenge (fragile coal), how i’m i supposed to know what is underneath, do you mean under rocks or what cause all the mine looks like underneath to me, thanks

  9. I have a problem with the game on my Samsung Moment. I loose my progress every time I get a call or power off the screen. When I get back to the game it is at the main menu.

  10. Were can i dowload gem dig dipper?

  11. i have looked everywhere to download gem miner dig deeper i can’t find it in the market or anywhere on google could you please let me know where to buy it at

    thank you

  12. I bought gem miner earlier this year and loved it, now all I get is a white screen. Anyone know anything about this?

    • Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This fixes the problem in most cases. It is caused by the removal of the copy protection to allow install to SD on Froyo.

      • Hi, I’m still having the “white screen” problem. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Is there anything else to check?

      • I am experiencing this same issue. Install and Reinstall did not resolve the issue for me either. I love this game. I just haven’t had time to play it in awhile. Moving to/from SD card doesn’t seem to help either. I get the situation in the free Gem Miner and I even tried clearing the application cache with no fix. Any further ideas for a solution.

        • Sorry, this does seem to be cropping up for certain users but so far I have been unable to reproduce the problem on any handset. For now all I can suggest is to contact the support email with your order number for a refund.

          • I just solved my problem with this. I was having another issue with another app and someone posted to install “spare parts” and uncheck the compatibility mode. However when I installed “spare parts” my compatibility mode was already unchecked. So I checked it, restarted phone and the other app worked. Then I remembered that I had installed “spare parts” along time ago, but didn’t find it useful and uninstalled it, but I think it keeped the compatibility mode set on the phone off even after I uninstalled hence making some of my apps not work. SO, if you have “spare parts” installed, try to check the compatibility mode. If you don’t have it installed, try installing and make sure the compatibility mode is set.

  13. love this game! Question for the challenges — what exactly does “collect 10 coal from below, not from the side or above” mean? below what? I’m very confused.


    • Sorry, this challenge isn’t worded very well. It means you need to be underneath the coal tile and dig up into the coal (rather than from the side or from above).

      • It’s worded perfectly fine, if English is your first language. I understood it no problem. But it might need rewording for those who have who don’t speak it as a first language.

        PS: Best £1.35 I’ve ever spent. I only wish there was a way of having a desktop version. I almost installed Android onto a USB stick to see if there was a way of doing it. Bigger window, bigger map, etc. Any thoughts? 🙂

  14. how exactly does one activate a beacon? can’t figure it out.

    • How do beacons work?

      Beacons allow you to teleport to the surface, taking all your possession with you. They are one-way (you cannot teleport back down), but once placed you can use them as often as you like. Press up when in front of a beacon to use it.

      (Taken from the FAQ’s)

      PS. Great game! 😀

  15. I first and always want to thank you for a awesome game dig deeper rocks on my Droid incredible. Ive beat about every thing in the game for now.

    Question is ” is there going to be a expansion or similar mining game possible bigger and if so a idea for the game is not only to have lifts but mining tracks to expedite a exit from. Larger mine structure .

  16. I seem to be having the same problem with the save game that other people have been having. I was very frustrated when I got roughly 142 feet down (9.5 ft per sec x 15 seconds falling) with everything removed. Then I had to power down the phone to change to my other battery that I just recieved. After turning the phone back on and starting the game back up I was surprised to find that my save game had reset and I was back at the very start.

    Is there a quick fix for this? It seems to happen whenever the phone loses power or the app is killed through either an appkiller or just by the appkiller in the android system. Kind of a game killer to put hours of work into it then losing it all…multiple times now.

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  18. I’ve paid for the game, but it will not download. Heelp! 😦

  19. Dig it! Addicted. How about some sort of route candles that would illuminate your return route/descent route?

    • That’s a great idea. That would definitely be a great addition to Dig Deeper when you are descended very deep into a complex route. How would you suggest to snuff them though? Maybe just using the saw?

    • The new signs can be used to do a similar job. You can change them or remove then by tappping or holding up when in front of them.

  20. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the saw tool. It’s not in my inventory and I don’t know how to access it. Please help! Previous threads posed the question but none of them have replies.

  21. Please please please tell me how to use the saw tool. I purchased it and cannot figure out how to use the thing. Thanks!

  22. Purchased and enjoyed this game thoroughly and I was super excited to see the latest update (July 8, 2013). This is the first update we’ve seen for a long, long time. Unfortunately it seems that it was released without having been tested enough as there is clearly a BIG problem with this update. I understand that problems do happen but the fact that there has been 0 response to this issue on the Play Store compounds this problem. As stated in all of the reviews since the update was released this game now crashes upon opening on ALL devises (accept whatever device that developer has?).
    You have a lot of people who really enjoy your game who had given you excellent reviews (and you’ve surely made a fair amount of money on it)… Give us a simple “I’m sorry guys, I’m working on it and will release a fix very soon.”

    • Hi Robert, thanks for your post. I apologise for the major problems with the last update. I can assure you updates are tested very thoroughly (you’d be amazed how long it takes to balance a level!). The bug with the last release was a compilation error that was created in the final package due to a bug in android studio.

      Re. the responsiveness to play store comments: being a lone developer based in Australia brings certain disadvantages, and one of those is that I’m asleep while America is awake. I updated and fixed the problem as soon as I was aware of it, approx. 10 hours after the buggy release. By app store standards I feel this is actually pretty responsive.

      I hope you continue to enjoy the game now the problem is fixed, there are some big updates coming soon which I’m really proud of.

  23. I bought it a week ago and can’t use my beacon or saw either. I saw a few forums that said something about if you press in the center of the screen, any wooden object on your left will disappear, but that has never happened to me. And, I’ve never seen any instructions for the beacon. I just wasted 3 of them trying t use them.

    There really DOES need some kind of reference guide that includes that info or what else are they good for.

  24. Three years later but do you have any hints for the long way down challenge?

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