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Abduction! downloaded 1 million times!


I just noticed that Abduction! has broken 1 million downloads today 🙂 Coincidently Gem Miner broke the half million download mark on exactly the same day! Thanks to every one of those million, especially to those who contributed feedback or bought the full version – I hope that your input will help me to provide more games you want to play.

I wish I had realised this was coming up and I would have done something special like a new character to celebrate. Maybe I can do that for the 2 millionth download?!

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

23 thoughts on “Abduction! downloaded 1 million times!

  1. nice!
    i bought if for my HTC Legend.

  2. Huh, that’s funny, I just downloaded World Attack again after not having played it in a while.
    Anyhoo, congrats!

  3. Well done! Congrats!

    If it’s not a secret, can you please share your average eCPM from Google AdSense and how long did it take for you to register with them? I have applied 3 weeks ago and have not heard from them at all. They did not even send a confirmation email… I’m using AdMob at the moment with eCPM around $0.35

  4. Shameless rip-off of Papi Jump, in my opinion.

  5. Wow that is great! Congrats!!

  6. Pity though that it seems that you can not transfer your profile from the free to the paid version. Not that I made much progress but it’d be great if you don’t have to start all over again. 🙂

  7. Maybe the special character could be the little Android dude!

  8. Is there a way to get Abduction on the iTouch? It’s an epic game for the droid!

  9. Hi
    I am a newbie, I am developing an application using accelerometer too for my college project, I need slight help. Please help


  10. First of all – awesome game, loved it on my G1.

    However, that’s where the problem is – despite being on the same network, in the same area, on the same contract, same Google account, everything, the full game simply doesn’t show up on the Market on my new HTC Desire.

    The demo does show up, and it runs on it too (very well, in fact), but the full game doesn’t, so I’m in the rather unpleasant situation that I’ve paid for a copy of the game but can no longer use it.

    Please, please look into this.

    • This was a problem due to google needing to approve the HTC Desire firmware “fingerprint” for the market. It should now be resolved, but it is possible it will appear again for a few days/weeks whenever a firmware update occurs.

  11. We will still take the 1 mill download rewards late lol

  12. Nice!

    Well done mate. Looking forward to seeing your new project.

  13. i am able to download the demo version, but i can’t see the full version on my new galaxy S android market. any idea how to solve the problem?

  14. why cant i see this game in the market for my galaxy S?

  15. Also not seeing it anymore since I updated my Desire to Froyo.

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  17. On tablets i see the background of Abduction Free not correctly stretching to the full width of the display. I was wondering if you knew it, as you have built your reputation over this game..

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