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Fire Helicopter changes


I’ve been working mostly on updating Fire Helicopter in the last couple of weeks. I originally intended that I’d release it as a very simple (some would say unfinished :)) game and leave it at that, but whilst implementing some minor changes based on user feedback I’m somehow getting drawn into improving it further.

  • Graphics overhaul
  • Improved performance
  • More variation within a level (beaches, mountains, different trees)
  • Set levels rather than randomly generated (in order to better analyse the player’s performance)
  • Helicopter damage rather than instant death

The next release will most likely have one set level for each of the difficulty levels, but eventually I’d like to make a whole load of levels and some kind of progression, along with money to spend, helicopter improvements etc.

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

3 thoughts on “Fire Helicopter changes

  1. Hey, hurry up already, it’s been a long time since we dreamed up this game (pre-Android), and I can’t wait to play the final product.


  2. I’ve bought both of your full version games and have played and liked everything that you’ve produced thus far for android.

    I was thinking in addition to those changes that you are planning to make, it might be interesting to add some aerial obstacles that you have to avoid (birds, planes, etc)… perhaps they come later on in the game or in a different mode…

    Just an idea!!!

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