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Abduction! 2 arriving this Friday


I’m very happy to confirm the arrival of Abduction! 2 in the Android market from this Friday, 10th September.

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Some of the highlights:

– 60 hand crafted adventure levels
– 60 dynamically generated classic levels
– 14 colourful and varied landscapes
– New platform types, including trampolines, spikes, fans, and rockets
– 38 characters to unlock and play
– Dozens of accessories to customize your character
– 6 original music tracks
– Special levels to unlock including a pie-eating mingame, 8-bit, and 3D modes

More details at launch!

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

21 thoughts on “Abduction! 2 arriving this Friday

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  5. Awesome! But can you readd the sensitivity option?

  6. There will be a wolf among the playable characters?? Was the great absent for me in Abduction! Wrld Attack

  7. ilove this game V much


  8. i cant find it when i search ‘abduction’ in the market, what do i search for?

  9. I love both abduction games and the second is amazing. But I got the pie eating mini game and soon after it disappeared and I can’t rebuy it, it turned into the high scores. How can I get it back?

  10. Cant seem to find it in the Android market, is it available in the UK?

  11. when is this game out in the uk? cant seem to find it on the android market.

  12. On a bunch of levels there are these yellow dots next to the platforms and all those platforms are higher than I can jump… is there a special trick to getting onto the platforms of something?

  13. I enjoy this game a lot and I can’t wait to get this new version. Thanks developers!

  14. Hi professor Judy…I enjoy this game a lot and I can’t wait to get this new version. Thanks developers!

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  16. What do the crown colors mean when you finish a level? Some of mine are gold and some are silver…

    • You get a bronze crown once you have completed all levels, a silver one if you have also got all three animals one all levels or got gold on all levels and a gold crown if you have got all golds and all animals.

  17. Can´t you sell your games – as e.g. abduction2 – on, please? Many people here in Germany don´t use creditcards and google market asks for a creditcard to buy games. Androidpit offers other ways, like “click and buy” or “paypal”.

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