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19 thoughts on “Abduction! 2 Reviews

  1. I enjoy this game very much and I can’t wait to get the new version. Thanks developers!

  2. This game is awesome. Fun you’d expect + bigger, better overall. Perfect sequel.

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  4. Could one of the developers please email me about how to get less than 34 seconds on Molten Mountain in adventure mode? I truly don’t know if its possible. I have 100 % on everything else. It’s driving me nuts!

    • Haha I would like to know this as well. I can’t seem to get anything below 34 seconds… So sad it doesn’t say 100%. I seriously touch the last platform as it hits 34 sec >_<

  5. Thanks for your information.!! πŸ™‚

  6. Just bought it – LOVE IT. So simple to play, yet to enjoyable to customize your character. I miss the ‘save your friends from the aliens’ storyline, but I’m sure I can make up my own reasons for why my springy cow keeps reaching for new heights.

  7. will u consider developing this game in iOS?

  8. The last level on nepal is impossible, how do i get upp to the spaceship????

  9. That’s awesome game, hope to see port to maemo/meego. thank you for the game anyway

  10. Abduction 2 doesnt work well on htc wildfire like Abduction world attak did

  11. One word. iPhone?

  12. Will abduction be ever released on iPhone? It’s the only think I miss from my galaxy 1 (Which was a really bad phone).

  13. I ansolutely LOVE abduction 2 !!! completed 100% of casual mode, and 97.8% of adventure mode….well now the app will not run….. I am highly ticked off….. I need this game…..

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