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Gem Miner 2 released!


Gem Miner 2 is now available in the Android Market for all territories.

If you downloaded very early, you\’ll want to check for updates, as there has already been a patch for the following:


– Added ability to disable pickaxe (press menu)

– Fixed lift control alignment issues on certain devices

– Fixed museum freeze bug

– Fixed small bug in one map


Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

65 thoughts on “Gem Miner 2 released!

  1. Great job. One addition I would like to see is the current amount of items that you have while you are in the shop.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, it’ll be in the next update coming very soon…

  3. Got another one, either some way to delete inventory items, or make the Breathing Aparatuses Stackable. made the mistake of buying three before I found out they were a use as need, and not a clickable.

    • Agh, good find! I’ll get onto it. There is also a problem with the way the inventory works which can split stackable items across slots and so waste space, so I’ll address this problem at the same time. Thanks.

      • No prob. One more thing I found was that for the topmost lift if you use a portal to go back to the top the lift does not return, This may be only in cases when you uild one long lift.. Oh and when the lucky clover is used up, it don’t get thrown away.

  4. I’ve been enjoying the game myself, but having a few android devices, I’ve noticed a few issues myself.

    The most major one I’ve been noticing is that when leveling up in free play, I have not yet been able to level up any stat but strength. It hasn’t been registering the taps on the plusses and minuses when I try to level.

    Another issue is that on my Cyanogen 7 tablet, it shifts the screen up the length of the bar at the bottom of the screen, causing it to be partially off the screen. It looks for the clicks in the right location, though, so on menus, I have to press under the item for it to register. This works fine on a Cyanogen 9 tablet, which is based off Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Also, on tablet screens, the buy and info buttons aren’t aligned properly in the store. The price and amount don’t look like they are quite in the right place either.

    It’d be nice to be able to disable and re-enable the pickaxe without pushing option, too, because I disable it a lot, But that’s more of a feature request.(I was thinking of having the icon that shows it as disabled be a button for toggling it instead…)

    Over all I’ve been enjoying the greater variety in the game, though, and I expect some bugs in the early releases…

    • Thanks for these bugs and sugegstions. A lot of the button alignment (e.g. shop, level up, menus) are addressed in the next update coming today or tomorrow.

      The tablet shifting up issue I’ll have to look into some more…

      • Glad to help. The new update took care of all the button alignment issues. (Haven’t tested the leveling screen yet, though.)

        One miner glitch I noticed just because it made me do a doubletake at one point: the numbering on the Easy expeditions is out of order. 6 is followed by 8, then 7, then 9. 🙂

        I also noticed the oddity on the Ice Cave mission that if you click on the miners while they are still frozen, the line they are supposed to say after they thaw out appears…

  5. This is one of my favourite games on Android and I have been so excited for this release. There is one thing that bugs me, I know you can disable your pickaxe via the menu button but wouldn’t it be easier having it on the screen at the top as I find myself climbing down a ladder and accidently picking at the blocks, it can be quite frustrating if you are out of ladders. Apart from that this is a great sequel! I just hope to see future updates for new content.

  6. Problem on Coal Choices Medium difficulty expedition:

    First off, I love the new game; I think you did a fantastic job with it. My problem on Medium Expedition Level 2: Coal Choices is that I can’t reach a depth of 45m. Most of the map goes to 43m, but I found one location on the right side that went to 44m. I explored the entire bottom of the mine from end-to-end and that was the lowest point attainable. I am guessing that you meant to make that 44m place I found the spot where you get the star. Let me know if I am wrong about this. Thanks!

    • Thanks! This will be fixed in the next update, along with a similar bug in the first hard mission. Unforunately the objectives are saved with the save-game, so you will need to restart the level after the update if you want to get all three stars. Sorry!

  7. Where’s the museum on the Iron Miner Medium difficulty expedition?

    • Despite what the miner says about “I should take this to the museum”, there is none on the expedition levels, you just need to save up the items until the end. I’m aware that this means your inventory can get clogged up on some levels – I’m working on a solution to that (either they won’t take up space, or they will disappear when you complete that objective)

  8. Just wondering, one of the screen shots showed ore and gems collected. What happened with that?

  9. Overall it’s a wickedly great game, but so far I’ve noticed a few things that would be useful (at least to me) to have improved:
    1) mining out the wrong level while on a ladder
    I’ve noticed that sometimes I think the miner has climbed up a ladder to a particular level, but in reality, he is a couple of pixels lower down. The result is that instead of stepping off the ladder, he goes and mines out the space immediately below the level. Do that often enough and you find you have to waste a ladder to fill in the space that you’ve just dug out.
    – Proposed fix – provide a threshhold whereby if the miner is within x pixels from a particular level, he is effectively at that level.

    2) Buying stuff
    I noticed when buying the pick axe, your inventory counter stops after 10 units. If that is capped at 10 units,then can you make it so you can’t buy any more (ie, throw more money at items you can’t use), or if it isn’t capped, can you make the display show the accurate unit count.

    Saws also take up a slot each (rather than stackable) Is that intentional?

    3) Harvesting stuff
    It would be great if you could see the name of the unit harvest during the harvest action itself. Also in the inventory, it would be great to see the $ value of the item you harvest so you have an idea of how much your haul is worth

    4) Objectives
    Sometimes you forget what you are trying to do. It would be great if you could press/long-press the objective star to find out what you are meant to be collecting. It saves having to go all the way to the surface to see the objectives while in your camp

    5) Health without saving
    In GM 1, you could walk to your camp, and you’d regain your strength. You didn’t need to actually save in order to do that. I don’t mind having to go to the tent, or even IN the tent, but I’d prefer not having to save each/every time I wanted to regain strength

    6) GM 1 stuff coming over?
    I don’t suppose you’re planning on porting over the lamp? I know that lamps can’t see through rock, but the range of the light of the lamp in GM 2 seems restrictive at times, especially if you are at a ledge. you can’t see the floor below, even if it is only one unit down.

    6) Help?
    Will there be a help file in a future update? If so, it would be great to get descriptions for each item you are able to harvest and $ value. Again, it helps with determining what is more valuable to go for when your pack space is limited and you’ve come across a fresh collection of material.

    7) Version number
    Would be useful to have the version number somewhere on the title screen, or in the options. That way when reporting issues, it is easy to find out if the solution is just to do an update.

    Woah .. sorry for the long post. Gotta say I love the game though!

    • I agree with everything Stu said above. Also wanted to report another bug. Since the most recent update that added new expeditions, I finished all of them but Easy still shows 16 of 17. If I leaf through all of the missions and count up the stars I have lit up, it adds up to 17. Not a big deal, but definitely a glitch. The new expeditions were fun, BTW; thanks for the continued effort!

    • In reference to seeing things, several of the miners in Freeplay have Flares, which will see 2 units away, even through rock, for a limited period of time. If you don’t have any slots left when you encounter the miners, though, you’re out of luck — the Flares are not retrievable when you return to that miner after having dumped something else.

      In terms of seeing further down, you can — you just have to stand a little closer to the edge of the precipice, and the additional blocks will appear on your map. It’s worth noting that the physics of light affects this — you only see on your map where light travels in a straight line. Get closer to see down 5 blocks (but not too close, or you’ll fall in).

      • I’ll look into making the miners hold back their items if you inventory is full. Hopefully it’ll be in the next update.

  10. Can’t seem to get it to work on my LG SmartShine. Market says my phone is compatible and I had the game load once but when I read the first sign it locked up. I exited and came back and it was just a black screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times but still can’t get it to load. Any ideas?

  11. A couple of things:

    First, I agree with Stu about wanting to restore stamina/health without saving as in Gem Miner: Dig Deeper.

    Also, I miss having the walkways that were in GM:DD

    • Walkways will be coming in the next update. The other request is in progress, but will most likely only be enabled for easy and medium to stop reloadiing when something goes wrong on the harder difficulties.

  12. Hi, i just loved GM1, and so i purchased GM2 without much thought. I have to admit that I am quite disappointed.
    I appreciate the work you put in GM2 and surely see your good intentions!
    So what do i like?
    I like the new look, i like the possibility of encountering water while being underground and the concept of fire, and two different types of stone. I also dig the possibility of leveling up ^^ It’s also great you can switch off the HD-graphics to preserve battery life.

    Sadly, that’s about it.
    So what do I dislike? (All points are IMHO and never meant as offense)
    1.: The time needed for loading/saving a game is too high. You should improve the code for that.
    2.: Considering [1], it is twice as annoying to replenish ones stamina. Besides the time needed for [1] the “sleeping” animation is too long.
    3.: Why are all the minerals i bring to the shop are paid one by one? Just make it a bulk payment, so i can go on digging.
    4.: While no nuisance in the museum, the screen area of the shopkeepers dialogue could be better used to display the goods.
    5.: I don’t like the idea of achieving new goods in the store by reaching certain depths. To me, this just slows me down and adds a fake difficulty to the first levels. Just adjust this by the correct pricing.
    6.: Secondly, if using such an idea, please make sure to tell the player why there is no lift in the shop and when it will be available.
    Also it would be nice to know what will be available, so one can plan ahead.
    7.: My Suggestion to [6 + 7]: When the player starts a new game give the option to have all goods availabel in the shop.
    8.: Analogue to [6], but regarding the museum: What is this for?
    9.: As i don’t know what the museum is for, i’m forced to guess, that it enables new goods in the shop. While this was an interesting concept, in my opinion there is a (too) strong emphasis on luck, whether you find a needed relict or not.
    10.: Fire can be interesting, but as long as i cannot extinguish or prevent fires, I’m effectively barred from using dynamite. Sure you can “use” water for that purpose, but that is again very luck-dependent.
    101.: The controls are generally not precise, i start digging blocks under the ladders, when going sideways there is a good chance of digging the wrong block, or even walking and falling through the block.
    11.: I just hope that there will be a tool to dry out that subterranean lakes for good.
    12.: The saw is coming way too late.
    13.: What about bridges?
    Some ideas:
    14.: Boats, Ropes, Mine-Carts, Lava, portable Fire-Extinguisher, Concrete-Pouring, Diving Equipment, Some other explosive for the other rock.

    I hope you continue working on this as it has a high potential.
    But as it is now it sadly is less addictive than GM1.

    Kind Regards

  13. Any chance you guys could fix the save game corruption error in free play please?

  14. I love this game!

    It is amazing!

    I just have one question. This may be a strange question, but are walkways in the game at all (or specifically, in the ‘free play’ mode)? I have played for a bit, and filled in the museum on free play, reached the bottom on free play, but still no walkways.

    I really liked that feature from the first game, and was curious if it is in this one at all.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the great game!

  15. How can you place elevators in free play? I am over a hour and a half into a map unlocked signs 30 mins in but no elevators

    • They are unlocked when you reach a certain depth. Around 45 I think?

      • There are a number of depth-specific shop items:
        at 22m – Signs
        at 47m – Lifts
        at 72m – Seismic Scanner
        at 97m – Water Pump
        at 122m – Breathing equipment
        at 147m – a turbo lift (longer lift)
        at 172m – a rocket lift (speeds up lift movement)

        It’s interesting that you can carry unlimited water pumps and lifts in a single inventory slot, but you can only carry one breather or saw per slot.

  16. A few more things:

    First, I have multiple devices, and often end up reinstalling. As such, an option to skip the tutorial would be really nice. It may have been fun the first time, but it’s old by the sixth. 😦

    I’d also like to be able to see exactly how close I am to a goal. (For example, that I’ve mined 18 of the 20 coal needed.)

    I happen to have noticed that if you have an objective item in your inventory and choose “Rescue Me”, it gets removed, but still counts for the objective. (In fact, I’m probably going to deliberately choose rescue me to get inventory space back on some of the harder ones, having discovered this…)

    • Agreed, i have the game on my tablet and phone, i keep wiping my phone to test CM9 skipping the tutorial would be nice as i dont always remember to backup the apps data with titanium

    • A possible solution could be to enable a long-press on the tutorial choice. If you long-press the tutorial, it changes setting to “completed” and opens up the game.

      In the at the end of the tutorial phase, the dialog could be changed to include something like:
      “Congratulations for completing the tutorial. In the future, you can skip the tutorial entirely by long-pressing the tutorial start text”

    • The latest update puts the museum into the expedition levels so you can also clear your inventory that way as well. An option to skip the tutorial will be added once I figure out a good way to implement it.

  17. Would like to see gravity work better. Same issue in the first game. You dig down a ways and some of your ladders stay suspended in air trapping you there.

    • It’s a performance issue – there has to be a limit to the area around the miner to update. I may make this configurable, as many modern phones could certainly handle doing a lot more each cycle.

  18. I would love to be able to play this but the game crashes right after the initial load scene is done. Running ICS on OG Droid. Thank you.

  19. Found an interesting bag-expanding bug. If you have any artifacts in your pack when the game suspends (e.g. you receive a call), your pack will expand by that number of artifacts.

    • So far I’ve been unable to reproduce this bug, but I’ll keep trying…

      • I may be incorrect about the cause. I will keep looking for clues. My bag capacity definitely expands, though, and it is related to the number of artifacts in the bag. Maybe when I purchase a bag upgrade while fossils are still in my bag?

        • I think I figured it out. It’s unrelated to anything other than depth. At certain depths, your ability to carry more increases by 2. This happens more frequently on the easy levels than on the hard levels.

  20. I come across a few bug and wish it will be fix soon.
    1. It sometime dig a block away (a block adjunct to the block I’m digging).
    2. Place shift. While I dig a block, it shifts me to another block. Usually shifted to the way I was digging, and a few lower level.

    I would like to make a suggestion to the game too.
    If the character can move in a “snap to grid” fashion, it can prevent dig a wrong block we are not intent to. Say we release our finger on the moving panel, the character will keep moving to the nearest block.

  21. In expedition Easy-10. Flood, if you dig out the block below the tunnel to another section of the mine, the hole drops, which would tend to violate several laws of physics. However, you can still use the tunnel, which is good. However, when you return, you’ll reappear where the entrance to the tunnel was originally located. If there are no ladders there, you’ll fall (Ooof!)

  22. Fun fact! Terminal velocity in Gem Miner is apparently 112 KM/h!

    Tested by digging a complete shaft from the surface to bedrock, dynamiting all stone in the way for a clean dropshaft. Yes, I’m a wee bit crazy. 😀

    • Not too crazy – sad to say I’ve been there, done that 🙂

      I’ve also focused on getting every single drop of water down to the bottom of the mine without using any pumps to take water away. The fact that water stops flowing within a screen or two of your location (to reduce game resource use), makes this quite challenging because even with a shaft three columns wide, you can’t drain the water very easily. You constantly ride the lifts up and down to “coax” the water to go the way you want it too.

  23. Fun fact! !!SCIENCE!! has determined that terminal velocity in Gem Miner is 112 KM/h. At least, this is the fastest impact I’ve managed, by digging a shaft from surface to bedrock (dynamiting any rock in the way) in freeplay.

  24. I recently purchased Gem Miner 2 for my huawei ascend. I was excited, as I loved the original Gem Miner, and was looking forward to the new features. Unfortunately, there are a couple “bugs” in the program that have so far made the game all but unplayable.

    1) Movement, there are times when I come off a ladder that I do not “go to ground”, and the effect is that my avatar is floating above the ground. This causes problems when trying to “pickaxe” another space, as I am not lined up on it correctly.
    a. If I dig down and fall into the hole, there are times I am unable to dig left right or down, and have to ladder back up, come back down, and try to position correctly.
    b. When mining, and ore falls to the ground, if I am “floating” I can’t actually get to where the ore sits, so I don’t pick it up.
    c. This also effects climbing ladders, as I will attempt to tunnel upwards, plant a ladder, climb it, and be unable to dig in any direction.
    d. At times when climbing, I will appear to be “one space up” but attempting to pickaxe actually mines the space BELOW and to the right, as opposed to right of where I am.
    2) Elevators appear to move at a different speed from the background, which I assume is an animation issue. The result is when going down, I will temporarily appear several spaces BELOW the bottom of the elevator, then the image resolves to me AT the bottom, but I am unable to move off the elevator. What I wind up doing is hitting the “up” move and stop (with the graphics not moving) until I am actually positioned right, then can move left/right. The reverse is true when coming up the elevator, as I will appear “in the air” for a moment, and have to down/stop to get the logical position to match where it shows me to be.

    I am hoping that these issues get resolved. I was apprehensive purchasing the game with no demo available, and did so off the solid strength of Gem Miner. I am (at the moment) regretting this decision, but look forward to the patches and fixes that will make this game playable for me.

    John/Sr. Admin, TIDMADT Gaming Community

  25. Great game! I wish the extreme difficulty level was a little more “extreme” though. Once a player gets to the level that allows lifts, it is just a matter of spending every dollar on new lifts and picking off the easy gems on the way down the shaft.

    I had some thoughts that could increase the difficulty:

    1) Make the lifts break down randomly and require a wrench to repair them.
    2) Make flowing water damage the miner or lose inventory based on the water flow rate.
    3) Limit how many rocks a new lift can penetrate, thus reducing how the depth you can get per lift in rocky terrain.
    4) Tie the miner’s strength to how much inventory he can carry.
    5) Start the miner off in debt so that he has to balance expenses with interest penalties in order to become profitable.
    6) Make the store prices variable due to imaginary supply and demand, and make items out of stock occasionally.
    7) Random cave-ins that block passages or hurt the miner, which would in turn require more spending on support beams.

    And since I am writing a wish list, I would love to see a precision charge item in the store that only blows up one rock at a time.

  26. Found another bug. If you complete 2 collections at the same time, you only get one item in the store as a reward. Unfortunately, you’ll never get that 4th item as a result.

  27. For the free-play save games, it would be good to show date rather than just “day” because if you don’t go back to a game for a few weeks, you forget which game is the most recent 🙂

    Even long-pressing the save game should provide some detail about the game (difficulty level, game stats, etc).

  28. I loved the first game Gem Miner 1 that I bought. So I ahve bought the second !! It is a great game. I play with the the classic controls (in options / Classic controls (as gem miner1))
    I play on a smartphone Sony Xperia S and I have done the last update but there are still two bugs :
    – Sometimes the screen become black apparently with no reason or maybe if I keep the finger on the map icon on the bottom left. I must kill the process and restart the game : because when i return in the game, it is loading but the screen is not black, and when it is loaded, the screen become black again !!
    – When I use bridge on the edge of a cliff, I don’t understand why, but they often fall into the hole !

    • Hi,

      I’m looking into the map/black screen issue, but have not yet been able to reproduce it.

      Walkways in Gem Miner 2 work a little differently to Gem Miner 1. They now require support from both sides, rather than hovering in mid-air, so you can only span a single gap and you can’t chain them together to make a long bridge.

      • Thanks for your reply. I really love this game. For example, I like the change the weather : the sun, the night, the rain, the wind. And I like to discover other miners and save them.
        I like also when the miner screams in the quick elevator, it is very funny !
        I like also give experience points to the miner, and I hope Sally will be in love for me 🙂
        This atmosphere contributes to totally immerse ourselves in the game and spend hours playing without getting bored.
        – It would be nice if there was a drill like in the first game. I loved the noise of the drill.
        – And I don’t understand why, when a rock falls down there is the vibrator of the phone but there is not the noise as in Gem Miner 1

  29. Why did u delete my last comment ? I am french, so sorry for my bad english. I have bought this game because the first version is a great game. So please correct the bugs on Xperia S :
    Bug 1 : black screen comes suddendly (maybe when i keep a finger too long on the icon of the map) and you must return in the game : it is loading with graphics (green progress bar) but after loading, the screen becomes black again : we must restart the phone.
    Bug 2 : On a edge, sometimes if you want to put a “bridge”, the bridge falls into the hole.
    But the game is my favorite game.
    Please post the comment.

  30. In the latest release, the display of the gauges on things like the Saw and Tank renders higher than the enclosing box. Not sure if this is device-dependent, so I’ll just say that I’m running Android 4.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Hopefully, you can reproduce without too much trouble.

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