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Mission packs coming soon


Mission packs are individual sets of levels, each with a common theme. If you’ve played the halloween extras you’ll have an idea of how this works. Each has new characters, locations, items, objectives, ores, graphics, sounds…. new everything!

These are really about expanding the game in new directions. For example, the first mission pack will be rainforest themed and will feature a storyline spread across all the levels. There are puzzle elements and some really interesting new mission styles. Check out the screenshots below for a preview.

Mission packs will be sold as an in-app purchase for $0.99 US or the equivalent in your currency. I know there will be some controversy around charging for additional content, but I can assure you a lot of effort has gone into this (over 9 months so far) and I’m confident it represents good value for money.

Most importantly, these are not a replacement for the normal missions. I’ll continue to release extra free missions as often as I can. If these mission packs don’t interest you, you can ignore them completely and still enjoy all the features of the full game.

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

120 thoughts on “Mission packs coming soon

  1. Yay! I’m excited! !!!

  2. When do you plan to release this new missions?

    • If testing goes well, I hope it will be next month.

      • Hello, it is very nice.

        I appreciate your work and I am very satisfied with your app.

        I am ready to pay for new packs!!!!

        This price for this game is nothing!

      • I am really waiting for this update!

        It is my favourite game on android!

        Really great work guys!

      • Do you need me to help test? I’m just so stoked for the new levels. The people complaining about paying another dollar for the size of the levels you release are just being plain greedy. Would they be willing to pay if it was released as Gem Miner 3 and 4? Same diff. Some apps cost way more to download originally. There have been so many free add-ons since buying my original game – what more do these people want? This is my fav game by far and as long as you keep releasing, I’ll keep buying. I wish more developers would make games like this. Whenever I restore my phone to factory settings, I look forward to starting my GM games from scratch! This is FUN!

  3. pay for an app, then pay again. no thanks.

  4. Глючит после последнего об на обновления

  5. I will pay, if only to get updates more often. This is hands down my favorite android game.

  6. Disclaimer: I’m addicted to Gem Miner 2, and I’ve three-starred every single level, plus finished countless extreme pro level with no saves and finding every resource, every artifact, flowed all water to the bottom, and topped up all skills and camp and metal-detector with thousands of cash left over. (Any chance of bigger freeplay maps? 🙂 )

    So. Yeah. I’m looking forward to the expansion packs a *lot*. Like, a *lot* a lot.

    Need any help? 🙂

    • Have you ever played Classic GM1 in GM2, and when you beat it on Hard, it says to “long press” on the level select, and it will do something… Special surprise? I tried it, but it didn’t do anything. Let me know what I am missing.

  7. Seriously, I appreciate your effort but asking again for money from guys who already have bought an app is a no go.

  8. Sorry but paying 1 $ for this app again if you get really good new levels is nothing if you like this.
    This is also my favourite game so in this case I would pay much more money if I got bigger and new freeplay maps with a lot of challenges!

  9. I can’t wait anymore. I will throw my cat if not ready in 2 days.

  10. How can I transfer my saves to another device?

    • Just copy the whole of the miner2_savegames directory from the root of your sd card to the new sd card. If you are moving your sd card into your new phone, then you don’t need to do anything!

    • I never do – I just play it all over again – that’s why I LOVE this game!

  11. Wow…. Any real followers of this game will gladly fork over a few more bucks for this new expansion!!! Have any of you complainers noticed what other developers are asking for a LOT LESS? I love this game… can’t wait for more!

  12. I sometimes like to start over but even if I uninstall and reinstall and go to app settings and clear cache, all progress is saved. How do I start over. Not a problem for regular game, I can delete those. Just the missions and special occasion games. Thanks, and can’t wait to purchase the new packs. This is my most played game.

    • Hi. If you delete the “miner2_savegames” directory in the root of your sd card, then either uninstall/reinstall or clear the game cache our progress should be reset.

  13. Any updates to these extras? (pun intended!)


  14. Hi
    I have purchased the Gem Miner 2 from amazon appstore.. I am stuck at version 1.0.23 whereas google store has version 1.3.5b.. kindly let me know where to update..

    • Yes sorry, the amazon store version is lagging behind the play store, mainly due to the different apis for in-app purchases for these new mission packs. As soon as this new content is released my first priority is to integrate the amazon api and bring it up to date.

  15. I’m really exited. Waitin for some new levels. Got all 3 star rated. I’m not afraid of payin because good work should be honored. Please release the new levels as soon as possible. Can’t wait much longer 😉

  16. Dear developer,
    When, when, when? 🙂
    To all those who think $1 is too much to pay, check out the “free” games that end up costing tons of $ to move forwards in the game.
    This developer gives you the best game out there for a VERY reasonable price. I would pay more for this game and the new mission packs. I love this game! It is so simple, yet has strategy and great characters, plus no violence! Wish I could find more games out there like it.
    Can’t wait for the new mission packs.

    • Soon, soon, soon 😉 Ok, more precisely I’m aiming for the end of this month to get all content finished. Including testing I would expect a release early September. The good news is that the reason for the delay is the addition of a couple more levels, so it will be worth then wait!

  17. Any news on release date? Will gladly pay 79 p or whatever it comes out to in UK money. Best value for money game ever.

  18. This is currently my fave game. But I have just upgraded my old Galaxy S for a shiny S4 and have lost all my progress (was halfway through the hard levels). Have found the Game Save folder on my old phone and copied it to the root of the Galaxy S4 but nothing happens. Could you let me know how to get my saves back (or if it is even possible?)

  19. In Gem Miner 2, there is an option to play Gem Miner 1 as “Classic Freeplay.” I have beat it on both Hard and Extreme, and both times it stated, “Try long pressing when selecting the difficulty level…” Is this for a special secret level? I created a new game and long-pressed on the difficulty level but nothing happened. Does anyone know what this does? Also, where exactly do you need to long-press?

  20. I love this game and I have been a gamer since Atari was first introduced way back when. I can’t wait for these new missions.

  21. Mission packs, Mission packs, Mission packs …. now 🙂

  22. Love this game! I’m just wondering, how many levels are there in a mission pack?

  23. Dear Developer, thank you for the new mission pack, released and downloaded tonight… found a bug in “Preparation”, how do I contact you, shall I leave it on here?

  24. on level 4, welcome to the jungle… do you get to the tunnel marked on the map?

    • Once you have completed the first two objectives and you get the marker on your map, dig over to the right and then down, you should find a cave and a new character there to complete the mission.

  25. Love, love, love!! When is the next one going to be released? I have 10 levels complete on the first mission already! 🙂 So I will be unpatiently waiting! 🙂 Thanks for the fun game!!

    • It partly depends on how popular this first one is – that will determine the balance of my time going into future mission packs vs making a new game. Making and balancing the levels takes a surprisingly long time. Maybe end of the year?

  26. Hi, I can’t access the mission packs to buy them. when I select the rainforest link nothing happens. What should I do?

  27. Hi Dev,
    I purchased your rainforest mission pack yesterday. Played a few levels and today I have a sign that says “not purchased” and it won’t open. Any ideas? 🙂

  28. I love this game, but I typically only do Free Play… does this expansion add anything for those of us that mostly do Free Play?

    • The update contains a few bug fixes, and you should notice a slightly faster initial load time. Also water is now shown on the map.

      The mission pack itself does not add anything to freeplay, although I was thinking of making it so you can pick a theme before starting freeplay from the packs you have installed. If I add this in future, then I will also make the special item (avoiding spoilers) you get on the last level of the mission pack available to use in freeplay in some capacity.

      At present you should not buy the pack if you only intend to play freeplay. Having said that, the missions have come a long way since the ones that were first available (they’re much more complex, have various new items and interactions and the objectives more interesting) so it might be a good time to try them out?!

      • Is it possible to restore save games? Have just upgraded from Samsung S to S4 and have copied the save folder but no joy!

      • I bought the mission pack because I love the game and want to support it’s development even if I don’t anticipate using features of the expansion. However, I would LOVE to see an expansion that adds more tools, gems, etc to Free Play!

  29. I just bought the expansion pack! So far it looks great; I am so excited and glad you listened to all of us who asked you to consider this. It is well worth the $.99 and I will be looking forward to the next packs. Way to go!

  30. I have finished the new expansion, but not with all stars. Will something happen if i take all stars? The epilogy seemed to be unfinished in an incertain way, so i am a bit confused.

  31. Great work with the mission pack!!! It is worth 99 cent!!! Thanks!!!

  32. Well, I got the extension pack a couple of days ago, and finished it (all stars) a couple of hours ago; it was great fun, both the story and the new graphics! I loved the cut-scenes, the flying, the parachute, the new characters and I especially loved the humour and charm of your characters, you’ve got such a great grasp on the pacing and balancing of the levels (although I would prefer them a bit harder … any ideas of how to add skill levels to mission packs? Extra objectives thrown in? More gas/mosquitoes? More traps?). Well done, and … uh, when’s the next one? 🙂

  33. When will tech mine be available? I loved rainforest mission! Great job!!

    • Not for a while yet. The graphics and most of the new features have been completed, but the levels themselves are still to be done. Hopefully December?

      • Ok can’t wait! I played the rainforest addition, it was great as usual. Hope you can make enough $ to keep you adding more levels. 🙂

  34. I can only find 4 of the 5 skull fragments on level 10. I have dug all the dirt I can and have blown up rocks but am unable to find the last piece. Help

    • Hi,

      Here are the skull piece locations:

      1. In the mine at the bottom where you first learn of the skull pieces

      2. Behind an explodable wall next to the shortcut door.

      3. Above the mosquitoes (jimjam guides you to this one)

      4 and 5. Over in the other side (“frog side”) of the temple

  35. There is a bug in the mission pack “Rainforest” in the 4. level “welcome to the jungle”. When i meet this girl the level is finished and i have no possibility to solve the other quests. Think this is not planed. Or?

  36. Love the first mission, but how do I buy the next one called tech mine?
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  37. Love the game but not long enough. I get thru the levels really quick. Looking forward to next mission pack.

  38. Loved the expansion pack – worth more than .99 cents! Can’t wait for the next one.

  39. In rainforest trying to activate the temple, I found the skull but can’t figure out what “mechanism” it’s supposed to go in. I dug out all the way around down to rock so there isn’t anywhere else to go. It doesn’t do anything at the gates or levers or rotating discs or statues or bridge or water or sign or frog or plants or leftover bits of wood or….. I have been stuck here for a week trying to find where to put the #@!*# skull.
    A better explanation, or a hint, or a help section, would greatly decrease the frustration factor.
    I’m sure it’s obvious **to you** but it isn’t obvious to me, it’s just annoying.

  40. When will tech mine be available I just beat the rainforest pack
    Ps Harold is a nuthead

  41. In one way I can’t find how to open the door the other side of the lake, any hints?

    • There are actually two switches, one over on the far right side, and another below the lake itself (you need to dig down from within the lake).

  42. I just finished the rainforest pack and i loved it! I’m really going to buy the tech mine expansion when it’s for sale. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  43. As feedback, I for one INTENSELY dislike timed missions. Hate them. Not just in your game but in every game. I play games for enjoyment and to relax. Timers do the opposite. Nobody needs more stress.

    I really liked the rest of the expeditions and extras and so on. Eagerly waiting for tech mine : )

    As a suggestion, perhaps consider putting timed missions in a separate category for those incomprehensible people who actually enjoy them….

  44. why can’t I purchase the rain forest

  45. Tried out your new update; sheer brilliance! Love freeplay in the jungle!

    In fact, one thing you could add to freeplay is a few ruins with levers to open other ruins / doors with better treasure in them. Would be great to have a fe surprises like that thrown in.

    Also, there should be a social leaderboard for how long it takes to solve a difficulty level, with how much money, and so on. Would be really, really, really fun to see if anyone could best me. 🙂

    Keep it up; can’t wait for what comes next!

  46. There’s a strange bug in the last “hard” expedition, the one looking for mushrooms in the dark.
    If you go too far left toward the lower left of the map, you can apparently fall outside the map and get stuck.

  47. I can’t seem to save the progress on searching for the reindeer or any of those bits. It shows one star but won’t let me do a second.

  48. I purchased rainforest and have completed level 1 four times but level 2 never comes available. The game ends when I get in the temple, shows completed but no options to select the next level. I play on the android. What can I do?

  49. I too am addicted to this game. WONDERFUL LOVE IT B-) I am eagerly awaiting for the tech mine and more after that. Please hurry.

  50. When is the tech mine coming out

  51. Is there any way to see instructions again when a character tells you something to do?
    For example in “lost” I went down to the squiggly opening in the temple and talked to the person inside, she said something about suns and moons. Then I went to the switch room but can’t remember the pattern to set the switches. Went back to the first place but can’t get her to say her blurb again so I’m at a loss.

  52. Tech mine update? Not that I want to hurry you, I code myself and know the frustration of final debugging. 🙂

  53. All Gem Miner 2 done over and over till I nearly know it by heart. I can’t wait for the new Tech Mine update either!

  54. The RAINFOREST pack is a big upgrade on the quality of gameplay, on a game that was already very playable. I have just about finished it and am really impressed with the new additions. I will definitely be getting tech mine when it comes out. Any chance of an eta or a mailing list sopowe can get notified when its released?

  55. When will the tech mine update be released I’m hoping by Feb 1st

  56. Tech mine update when will it be released

  57. Please give us a clue as to when the netxbit will be released. One month, two months, one year …….???????

  58. Great games! Can’t wait for new stuff.
    I’ve recently been playing gem miner 2 expeditions level, to unlock the medium level it says complete 10 stars to unlock medium.
    I’ve played the game and collected 20coal loads of times, am I going about it wrong, or is there something I should be doing?.

  59. Thank you Phil for the extra levels that you threw in for us a few days ago. 🙂

  60. when do you expect a new mission pack to come out

  61. Just to throw in my 2 cents about this: I would much rather pay for extra missions (especially since they have new graphics, missions, tools, etc) than pay for a Gem Miner 3, 4, … etc. I like the idea of adding to the current game than making multiple versions. Thanks for doing it that way. This is way better than endless micro-transactions.


  62. I refused to get Google + so I can’t rate but I wanted to give you a thumbs up anyway. I love the game, I love how you keep adding to it (I just re-downloaded it and discovered the new parts you can buy. I quit before because I had played it over and over, but now there’s more!!!!!), and I love that you leave a free part available! And the knock-off versions are pathetic 🙂

    I own the full version, going to go buy the new missions now. Thanks for keeping it affordable!

  63. More please anything even part of mission pack would be a bonus thanks for a bloody excellent game

  64. It is now june 2014, so when is the 2nd mission pack coming out. I am over the waiting

  65. I love gem miner 2. However as far as the tech mine update goes, dont spend so much time on LIFEX – not that many people will be able to afford a $100.00 light bulb!! $ 100.00 is correct people. It would be awesome to have the gaming system that can incorporate that technology, but could you possibly release one update with LIFEX and one without it, so most of us could just keep enjoying your exellent programming. How much longer?

    • Hi Dave. I understand your concerns, but the LIFX integration was an afternoon of tinkering, the mission packs are months of work, so don’t be concerned that it is holding up the development. The delays to the release are purely due to a lack of free time due to family commitments. The good news is work is progressing well and the release should not be too far off now. I’ll be putting up a blog post in the next couple of days with more details and screenshots.

  66. What happened to tec mine? It has been coming soon for a couple years now

    • Years? You mean months 😉

      • Been well over a year since the existence of these mission packs were first accidentally “leaked” in an update. Nearly a year since I purchased the Rainforest. We thought the Tech mine would be coming out soon after.

        • We would just love to hear any news. Playing Rainforest again just to catch up the storyline again. Finishing soon (again)

          • I’d love to hear news too. I’ve done rainforest on three separate devices (for some reason, the save games keep going away on me- the copy trick doesn’t work for me on Samsung devices)

  67. Where is the new expansion packs? Been waiting way to long for them. It’s already almost August of 2014.

  68. Have you addressed Rainforest lev 9 crash yet?
    As soon as you find Sally, graphics become distorted, lighting gets weird and can no longer access store.

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