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New Tech mine hard difficulty


Another update went live in the market last night. This one fixes various issues introduced in the last update, but the biggest change is to add a hard difficulty to the tech mine.

Hard levels are variations on the normal set, but… harder. In some cases this just means that there are fewer ores, but in others there are subtle differences, large layout changes or even objective changes in place. If it is popular I’ll try and do the same for the rainforest pack.

You can also now play tech mine in freeplay mode (although there is a bug that means you need to go into the mission pack level select screen first, otherwise you’ll get a crash when starting the level – this will be fixed in the net update).

Other changes:

– Fixed visibility beaneath miner when near an edge (the tile beneath you now reveals where approaching an edge)
– Fixed pro/extreme difficulty mix up
– Made objective stars harder to click accidentally
– Improved some menu layouts
– Fixed some bugs in the map screen
– Fixed signs not appearing
– Fixed harold short changing you when he buys multiple items
– Fixed various bugs with photography in tech mine
– Performance improvements

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

12 thoughts on “New Tech mine hard difficulty

  1. See, the reason I gave this 5 stars is because of things like this. In addition to great gameplay, continued support is invaluable.

    Side note: I did notice in tech mine, with sound turned off I sometimes still hear the elevator. A minor gripe.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the game packs. I wish more devs would do this — keep the core game engine, and release more content for a fee.

  2. I can not turn off the hd new on 1.51 is show on dirt and rocks is a white square etc. only on 1.43

  3. Just wondering why the Amazon application version for Gem miner 2 is still stuck at 1.45?

  4. So is there an ETA on when the tech mine update comes to the Amazon App Store version?

  5. Hi Everyone, sorry for the delay with the Amazon store. The amazon release is quite different from the Play store one as it has lots of extra code around the Kindle Fire, Fire TV and their proprietary in-app billing code. I hope to merge the changes over the holidays and get a release together for early next year. Thanks for your patience.

  6. Buddy,
    How about the rest of those “more coming soon” levels……hint, hint.
    Great job btw.

  7. I wasn’t sure where to post feedback that you would read. I love gem miner 2. The only thing I miss from the first one was the lantern. I haven’t seen the upgrade option in 2.

    • Because you don’t get a limited view (other than the odd ‘dark’ level) there isn’t any use in a lantern. The closest equivalent is the flare, which reveals an extra block radius around you for a limited time.

  8. Tech Mine security mole, none of the moles have the card.???

  9. on tech mine in the photography club level what do i do if i accidently blew up the professor with dynamite cus he’s gone i think i killed him

  10. Best game ever! Plesse more levels!!!

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