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New game and Abduction update

You’ll have noticed it’s all been a bit quiet on the Abduction! update front since the new challenges were added. I’ve been busy writing a game framework so that I can take advantage of OpenGL on the Android platform. I don’t plan to use it for 3D just yet, but what it does mean is better graphics and higher framerates.

I have some time tonight in which I hope to create a new character or two and most likely make them rewards for getting all the silver/gold medals in the challenges.

The helicopter game is on hold for the moment whilst I look at the possibility of moving it to OpenGL. I may just tidy up what is there are release it as a preview in the next few days, but I haven’t decided yet.

I have a new game which is 70% done, a puzzle game carrying the cow theme on:



What’s new in the first full game updates?

I released a couple of updates today. Here’s the full list of changes:

– Force Close problems fixed

– New character (see instructions for hints on how to find him)

– Added northern lights background to arctic levels (see image below)

– Added sounds (countdown timer, parachutes opening)

– Improved sound performance

– Safety net changed to Extra Life which also protects you from bombs

– New icon

– Some other things I’ve forgotten


(btw, the colour banding is less obvious in game)


Weekend update

Loads of changes recently, some highlights:

– Medal system (gold/silver/bronze) on challenges

– 3 New characters (15 total)

– ‘Kids’ mode (practice mode, no death)

– New theme (8 total)

– Lots of level difficulty tweaking (takes a while, there are now 24 adventure levels and 36 challenges)

– Bug fixes

Thanks for the game name suggestions, I’ve decided it will be called “Abduction! World Attack”.

Today’s screenie, just coming through the tree tops:


Expect a major update very soon, maybe even tonight.


Wednesday’s Progress Update

Boring screenshot today 😛


Going down the list…

  • Classic is the same as the current market version, other than graphical improvements.
  • Adventure will be the main storyline game. So far I’ve designed the progression, created the map screen, and created 50% of the graphics. It’s going to be eight sets of themed levels. Each time you complete a set of themed levels you get a related character unlocked.
  • Challenge is groups of specialised levels, so far “time trials”, “score attack”, “save your friends” and “mayhem” mode. When you complete a set of challenges you will unlock a new character. If you complete all challenges you will unlock the custom mode.
  • Versus CPU is already working just about as I want it. Currently just  three difficulty levels, similar to classic mode, but I hope to make it so you can configure it a little more.
  • Custom is complete other than the configuration screen is messy. You can change all the settings to create your own levels here. I did this mode first to help me create  the challenge mode levels.

So, I’ve spent most of my time recently creating the framework around the challenges mode and a profile system to store progress in challenges and the adventure mode. I also made three new characters. I have the first challenges up and running, and they are already a lot of fun (one of the mayhem modes in particular).

I want to tidy up the menus for the challenge mode next, and then work on the challenges themselves. I’ll mix in making some more artwork as well.


What I’ve been doing today

… is not the following image, but mainly new menu graphics (again). It’s just subtle differences this time, but I’ve also had to make new graphics and screens for the new modes in the full version. I’ve been getting the versus cpu mode to be a challenge without just winning every time, which is harder than it sounds, but it’s coming along nicely.

I’ve also got the basics of the custom mode going, which I’m using to test levels for the challenge mode.

And to keep this post interesting, here is another new image. There will be either giraffe, elephant or rhino characters, but I’m not sure which yet.