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Abduction! merchandise photos

As promised, here are some photos of the items I ordered:

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Shiny new market for Android

Looks like those leaked screens were indeed an upcoming market update and not Motorola or other manufacturer specific. Google put up a video on their blog which gives plenty of screen time to Abduction!, they even cropped the promo logo and reworded the summary for me 🙂

Lets hope the update also brings better search, rating and organising capabilities. It certainly looks a lot nicer than the white-on-black of the current market.


Tuesday Update

Today was a bit of a mish-mash, but here’s what I managed to do:

– new character

– ‘enemy’

– improved locked character images (silhouettes)

– several bugs fixed, mostly graphical

– better in-game ui for time trial and friend rescue challenge modes

– level difficulty tweaks

The most common question is “when will it be finished?”, well I have finalised what I wish to include and produced a todo list and it’s length is currently 27 items. These vary from 10 minute tasks to several hours. I hope to release  next week.


Thursday Update

I spent today doing more backend stuff – database and unlockables framework. I redid the challenges screens which I wasn’t happy with and they are a lot neater now. The challenges also have names and aim descriptions. My fiance playtested some of the challenges as well and I may need beta testers to check difficulty levels some time soon.

I’ll finish off today doing some more character graphics. So far I have: Cow, Sheep, Gorilla, Giraffe, Rhino, Seal, Penguin, Kangaroo and Wombat. I’m planning to make a goat and hippo tonight. Any other animals you’d like to see?


To answer all the questions…

Thanks for the huge amount of feedback I have received, through the marketplace comments, email and twitter. To answer the most popular question, “will there be a pay version?”, the answer is… yes.

Before I go into any detail, I should say that the original intention was for this game to be free, and there will always be a free version, which will be fully supported and features added over time.

Having said that, the amount of work I’m putting in has far exceeded that original intention, but I have still very much enjoyed working on it, and that is thanks to all the encouragement I have had from you. You may have noticed the updates are a little less frequent recently – that’s because I’m spending a lot of time on the full version, which I want to make a really worthwhile addition over the free one.  I’ll be showing screenshots and detailing some of the features in the full version over the next few days. I am working pretty much full time on the game at the moment, but I don’t expect it to be ready for a little while yet.

A taste of what to expect:

– Challenges

– Versus CPU mode

– Adventure mode

– Custom levels

– Many different level themes and animals

– New bonuses and enemies

Just to confirm – the free version will still receive updates, and many people will be happy to stay with that one – I intend the free version to be a fully featured game in itself and will continue to support it.

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New update today

Version 1.1.5 was released today. It includes some minor graphic updates, like a modified logo and backgrounds. The menus have been changed a little as well to use dialogs for the instructions and a warning about sound on the options page.

If you end up with any safety nets at the end, you’ll now get 500 points for each one.

The largest addition is an easter egg with a whole new theme. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently on new graphics, most of which you aren’t seeing in the game yet. I’ll probably post some up here for feedback in the next few days.