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Gem Miner, out now!


I’ve just released the free version of Gem Miner to the market today. Extended version will follow in a couple of days time…

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

111 thoughts on “Gem Miner, out now!

  1. fantastic, i’ll download it now

    • this game is AWESOME!!! I have only bought a few things through the market because either A. I’m tired of getting screwed or B. The demo’s were enough to know I didn’t want to waste my money. But Gem Miner: Dig Deeper was the best $2.13 I spent. I look forward to a sequel or even updates to this game..great job!!!

  2. Wow, this game is fun! Does it have an ending or does it just go on forever?

  3. Nice addictive game !

    I would love to see a (co-op) multiplayer version !

  4. Thx I’ll be waiting for it =)

  5. Simply a great game ! Does it have an end in the registered version ?

  6. I am addicted to this game! Are there any plans for releasing an internet version to be played on a pc?

  7. Great game, I play it for hours every day, haha, that’s bad. It takes forever to get to the bottom! I have more than 12 lifts, large and small, its takes a while to get back to where I was mining. Can’t wait to get the gem, it will be an accomplishment for sure! I don’t know if i’m close, but I think you should add larger capacity bags, cause I’m already at the limit and have plenty of stamina left when done. Thanks again

  8. WOW, copy miner dig deep much?

    • Please see the answer elsewhere on this blog about the originality of Miner Dig Deep.

      • True, there are similartities between mining game genres but this game its evident that you have copied every gameplay aspect from MDD you even took its name and added “gem” and “er” to the end

        To make things funnier for full version your charging more than the original game you copied.

        I hope you have contacted the original developer or you better pray that they dont find this game.

  9. Hi,

    When will the Pro version be out, hope you will put it out on Slide Me as well. Don’t have access to the market and paid software.

  10. When will dig deeper be on SlideMe?

  11. when you set down ladders.. can you pick the them back up

  12. When will the Pro version be out, hope you will put it out on Slide Me as well. Don’t have access to the market and paid software.

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  14. How do I improve stanima

  15. while this game is extremely similar to the flash game Motherload, i extremely enjoy the free version, and look forward to the full one.

  16. Hi!

    Fantastic game, just bought it!
    It would be great if you would provide a Desktop version of this game!


  17. It’s a really fun game dude BUT from coder-to-coder you’ll need to balance the game play JUST a little and add some enhancements:

    * allow for ladders to be picked up and re-used which should balance out search/mine/payback ratios

    * more animation and some particle effects

    * show how much money has been earned so far as you’re mining materials

  18. Love the game so far, but I am a little disappointed in the endings. I purchased the full version Gem Miner: Dig Deeper and so far have finished both the low and medium difficulty levels (possible spoiler?) with practically identical ending results and experience between the two levels.

    The free demo only includes the low difficultly level. Paying for the full version, Gem Miner: Dig Deeper, unlocks the medium and high levels. I would of thought that the progressively more difficult levels would as the name implies, allow you and require you to “Dig Deeper” to complete the level.

    Is there a problem with my copy of the game on the medium level? Do I need to uninstall the demo for the full version to work properly? I don’t mind the money I paid for this game as it is worth it, but at this point I don’t plan on investing more time on the game at the high level if the difficulty levels don’t change the game and the game does not in fact allow you to “Dig Deeper”.

    • Hi,

      I intend to add more content in future updates.

      Just to be clear, the easy difficulty in the demo has a limited depth and no end – the full version easy mine is 5 times bigger. Harder difficulty levels have fewer gems and more rocks. All levels are randomly generated each time you start a new mine.

      Completing the hard level opens up a little easter egg.

      • Still confused here. (*spoiler*) Is there more to “completing” a level than finding the 100K rock? I have now “finished” all three levels with identical results and no easter egg that I saw. When I completed the hard level it suggested that I try a harder level (isn’t that the hardest level?). What am I missing here? Is there more game play than finding the big gem at the mines bottom center of each level?

        • That’s it for now and it is a bit dry in that sense. See the thread on Android Forums on the game. I’d like to see a lot of different approaches. It’s a nice game with a lot of potential and it’s my favorite game on the phone right now. It still should evolve.

        • There was a bug which meant that completing the game on hard didn’t open the easter egg. This is fixed from a couple of updates ago, but only works for save games created since that update.

  19. Would you consider getting a free forum setup? That would allow your users to get together and compare notes and fill in the gaps regarding documentation. We could also more easily dialog and share input on features, strategies, etc.

  20. Very addicting little game. I just have one question; what is the purpose of the drill available for purchase? I’d also enjoy the ability to retrieve ladders to sell back to the store.

    • If I’m not mistaken, I believe the drill works with less effort than the pick so your dude uses less stamina to break rocks. I’ve only tried the cheapest drill and I found it to be a little more time intensive to break rocks. I ended up opting to keep upgrading the picks instead, but perhaps others can comment if they have tried upgraded drills.

      • Once you get the second drill ($3000) it not only uses no stamina, it drills through plain rock and most ores/gems in one tap. The first drill is kinda slow (easy to get crused by falling rock if you don’t use a support…can’t crack the next rock fast enough) but it too uses no stamina. Once you upgrade the drill, you won’t go back to the pick…

  21. Hey, just bought this today and played it for hours already…

    Hopefully in an update you’ll enable us to pick up and reuse ladders. Not a fan of seeing random ladders all over the place 🙂

    Amazing addictive game!

    • I’m not sure if I’d find enjoyment in scavenging ladders to sell back to the store (its Gem Miner, not Ladder Hoarder), but perhaps allowing the ability to pick up and move a single ladder at a time would add something to the game. There might be some additional puzzle solving skills involved in moving ladders individually while not getting yourself into too dangerous of a position or in a situation you can’t get out of.

    • I agree picking up ladders would be fantastic as they bug me and would add an extra dynamic to the game if you run out… LOVE it though, although I waste far too much time on this game 😉

  22. When Will the pay version come to slideme.want to buy this game

  23. hi, i can’t get it anywhere as i m living in asia, singapore. could u help ?

  24. hi, i can’t get the PAID version anywhere as i m living in asia, singapore. could u help ?

  25. i love the game 2 very frustrating things though,
    1) It does not pause when a text message is recieved from handcent, I have lost lives under a falling bolder due to this 🙂
    2)it force Closes when Handcent quick reply is being used.

    Keep up the good work vey pretty any playable game

  26. what does the drill do? Im not sure why you would not just simply upgrade the pick?

  27. Compre el juego y me entretiene cavar pero quiero saber como se graba el juego si me quito empieza de nuevo, ayudenmen por favor

  28. how do u play?

  29. Hi. Could you provide screenshots of the different types of gems to be found and the worth? Also, will you make a game for the pc? This game is sooooo addicting! LOVE IT!!!

  30. Does anyone know all of the different types of gems and their worth? How far do you have to go down to find the “BIG GEM”? I just discovered the “blue” gems. Am I close to the end of the game?

    • I’ll post something along these lines soon…

      • Will you please make a version of the game for the pc or one of the game systems like ds or the wii? Or could you make another game similar to this game but with different items? I beat the game on all levels and slots and I cant find another game like this one. Is there another game like this? Thanks

  31. Can anyone tell me where to buy gem miner dig deeper?

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  33. Is there a game similar to this on the internet or can I buy one for my computer? I would love to play this on something besides my phone.

  34. I really can’t figure out how to play gem miner on my HTC hero. There needs to be a help tool or how to play tutorial.

    • Make sure you enable the tutorial when you first start a game. If you are unable to dig, check you haven’t accidently tapped in the bottom right – if the pickaxe has a red circle around it, it means it has been disabled – tap again to enable it.

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  37. I had the full version of this game on my old phone (a rooted HTC magic with AT&T in America). I got my new at&t compatible Nexus One today… for some reason I can’t find the full version of this game in the market…

    Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

  38. How do you save your game? I see 3 save game icons, but when you press the menu or back button during a game it doesn’t ask to save – only option is quit. Please let me know how you do this.

  39. i love this game i play on my mom’s phone all the time. i just wish i could play online

  40. A few times I make a. Mistake and need a “do over command” is there an undo in the game?

  41. I like this game a lot. thanks for making such a fun pastime game.

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  43. great game, nice one

  44. A question: is there a way to purchase the game for the regions where paid appmarket is unavailable? I mean maybe alternative stores, web payment, etc?

  45. Also on my G1 it appears that ladder shortcuts does not work, have to go through inventory to place ladder each time.

  46. oh my god this game is brilliant. Simple and so addictive. thank you for making it & here’s to many more fabulous games

  47. As many have mentioned before I too love this game. I play it way more then I should. A PC or Flash version of this game would be the best. Maybe one where the map and the mine (and maybe even the inventory) were displayed at the same time. I spend a lot of time opening up the map. Great job on this game.

    P.S. I saw on the main page a note about closed beta testing. I do beta testing at the company I work for. How can I become a tester for you.


    • A post should be up later today with more details on the beta test.

      If you search for “mining game” you should be able to find similar flash games for PCs.

  48. I have already burned hours of my life away on this game – as have much of my family… its like a tetris addiction! Oddly though, I bought the saw so I could reuse ladders and supports but it does not work for me – its not in my inventory, no short cuts seem to work and no matter much tapping I do, I cycle only through the pick and the drill. Is there a help guide? Something to explain how each thing works?

  49. Is there a reason I can’t find the full version (Dig Deeper) on the Android market? I’m on the G1 if that matters. Basically, I’d like to give you some money, but can’t.


    • Odd, I am using the android as well though it is second generation. Try searching it through the browser?

      It works great on the droid but seems to struggle transitioning from the Free version to the Full version.

      Phil is exceptionally helpful. Good luck!

    • Same here! I am on the G1 as well. I cant find it anywhere! How can I give you my money?!?!

      SUPER ADDICTING! I must have the full version; please help?

  50. Hi I’m on HTC wildfire and this isn’t on my market?? How come, I’d love to buy it!
    (Neither version is in there)

  51. I cannot find this game in my android apps! I only have the original gem miner, can you please help me to understand where to find the upgraded gem miner? I love this game! It is the best app so far! And I really want to purchase the full version of dig deeper. Thank You.

  52. i tried to get the paid version on the android market but it wont even find it, i see the free version but not the paid one… also is there a pc version of the game?

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  54. Is there any chance this will be released as an app for ipod touch? I was playing it on my brother’s phone and got addicted.

  55. I want to see Gem Miner for Pc. 🙂

  56. I downloaded the free version. For some reason when I try to buy the pay version I get an error. What do I do? My phone is the T-mobile Motorola Cliq.

  57. Sorry for being a noob but I can’t figure out how to use the supports… any help please? 🙂

  58. i agree. i would really like to see a PC version of this game.

  59. make Gem Miner for pc ❤

  60. what dose the drill do

    • Once purchased, the drill can be selected by tapping on the pickaxe icon at the bottom right. It is similar to the pickaxe, but does not use as much stamina when used. The first drill you buy will likely be less powerul than your current pickaxe, but when upgraded it can become much more powerful.

  61. This game for PC would be great, maybe even connect it to FB, I really enjoy this game on my Droid.

  62. i got this on my bell phone

  63. I’ve been playing it today and it’s pretty adictive! Reminds me of Infiniminer and Minecraft but in 2D.

    It still doesn’t have co-op? D:
    And… Can I translate it so the translation is included with the game in the Market? It doesn’t have a lot of text, but it would be useful for the challenges, for example.

  64. How do you use the saw to pick up ladders? I purchased the saw but I am stuck down in a shaft because I can not find the saw in my invintory to use it

  65. i LOVE this game i beat it 2million times at least on hard for the full version not including medium,easy,or freeplay

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  67. I love this game! Please explain why my (Dwarf?) character turned into a cow. I’m not complaining – my daughter got a huge laugh over it (she’s only 9). Is there something special about being a cow?



    • 🙂

      Once you’ve completed the hard difficulty level you can start a new save with the cow by long-pressing on your selected difficulty level button.

  68. can i play this on my ubuntu box?

  69. How do you use the saw can’t figure it out pretty frustrating

  70. lol…it’s 2015 and I just discovered this game! I’ve been searching for a way to keep the stamina increased (because it’s so darn expensive buying all of the camping stuff), but all I see is Gem Miner 2 posts. After seeing a video of it…I’d rather stay with the original version. But, as I’ve seen on so many posts, I can’t find the paid version of the first one. Did you not release one and just release Gem Miner 2 instead? I was hooked on Robo Miner for the past year and it got boring. I haven’t played Gem Miner long enough for that to happen yet and I hope it doesn’t, but, by the few posts I did see about it, it eventually will. 😦 Are there any games with the visuals similar to the original Gem Miner or to Robo Mier…with the bricks to mine instead of just a plain playing field?? Thanks!

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