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Large update to Gem Miner 2 arriving tonight


The main features are new levels and the hard difficulty added for the Rainforest expansion.

Complete change list:

  • Added 3 new expeditions
  • Added hard difficulty to Rainforest pack
  • Fixed tech mine freeplay not loading
  • Improved stamina display – it now extends to better indicate additional stamina from upgrades
  • All expedition difficulties are unlocked from start
  • Retouched UI – thinner borders
  • Added a page turn animation in menus
  • Various menu pages rearranged slightly
  • New loading screen
  • Fixed bug where dirt chips from digging would sometimes appear above you
  • Fixed spelling mistake on rainforest level
  • Fixed conversation icon for Jimjam/Tiktok
  • Fixed various bugs in Rainforest level 9 (Lost)
  • Fixed a bug at the end of Rainforest temple 1
  • Fixed lift and crane sound bug in tech mine
  • Fixed bug where mosquitos could be captured
  • Fixed objective sparkles in the wrong place
  • Fixed star overlay in camp menu
  • Ladders now destroy very quickly in lava to encourage walkway use
  • Fixed the ability to destroy the scientist!

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

19 thoughts on “Large update to Gem Miner 2 arriving tonight

  1. I finished all missions, Rain Forest, Tech Mine and Holiday extras back in Spring of 2015 but there were a lot of levels missing with a note about more levels “coming soon”. Does this update add anything new?

    • Yes, there are 3 extra expeditions added, and a whole set of hard levels for the rainforest (note, that it’s not just harder, some of the objectives on the levels are entirely different). Also, note that “more coming soon” is not an indication that there are missions missing … it’s more about my commitment to keep adding to the game over time.

  2. Do you have any plans to put Abduction! or any of your other games on iOS? My wife and I were just discussing how much we missed playing your games and I looked into it to find only Android availability. Thought it was worth asking!

  3. Hi.

    I bought this game a while ago, when I had an Android phone. Do you plan to port this game to other OSes ? I miss this game so much…

  4. How do you collect the gas in tech mine preparation? I have the bottles etc but can’t figure out how to collect the gas, which I’m presuming is from the lava? Also I do not have the tech mine freeway option?

    • You can collect gas by standing in front of the purple clouds and using the gas bottle in your inventory.

      The freeplay option only comes up after you complete the pack (on any difficulty)

  5. Bug alert and possible spoiler for Rainforest, hard, last level before “Epilogue”:

    Cleared most of upper and bottom levels of mines and found Enchanted pickaxe. Still looking for treasure and returned to clear more of middle area but every time I eventually get stuck to a ladder. Some functions work but can’t get away from the ladder.

  6. Hi, i am having a big problem, i have a LG L Prime and android 5.0, and the game cant even open. Start loading and glitch out and close

  7. Hey. I loved your game so I bought it and it won’t let me use free play. Whenever I go to a slot for a game it says “error incompatible save”. I have tried deleting and reinstalling as well as unmount my SD card to put it directly onto my phone memory and it still won’t let me get past it. I enjoy the expeditions but I mainly bought it for free play. If you have a fix or just can’t help me, please email me and let me know my message at least got read. Thanks

  8. I have LG G3 stylus phone. Why menu option for rescue call not show? How to do rescue call?

  9. Are there any plans to fix the game working on Samsung S7’s? I loved playing this on my note 4 but since upgrading I can’t play it, the play store is full of people asking the same.

    • Apologies for the delay fixing this. It was a really obscure problem I was encountering and it was difficult to test without access to real hardware. I have this working in a development build now and I hope to get it published very soon.

      • Wow thank you very much for the quick response! I didn’t think I’d even get one, I realised that this was a year old after I posted, I’m glad to see you’re addressing this problem! Thanks for the hard work!

  10. Hey, glad to see you’re still around. Any new levels coming soon? I’m almost through my complete second run-through of all GM2 levels. This game stands alone, above all the rest. Your loyal players need you………….:-)

  11. Rainforest level 9 what is the code to rescue the Dr.

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