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Abduction! 2 Music


One of the biggest improvements in Abduction! 2 is the sound. Not only are there loads of new and high quality effects, but there is great music as well. The composer recently posted a video showing off the music:

For other developers looking for someone to help out with music, I can’t recommend Chris enough. You can contact him via his web site here:

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

7 thoughts on “Abduction! 2 Music

  1. the gameplay, music, and the game itself is flawless. you have outdone yourself! thank you for the game! on a side note, is it possible to include an alien as a character? i’ve been wanting that since world attack came out.

  2. The game is great, but how do you access the shop?

  3. this was very intersting for sure i will try the game thanks for the news

  4. Hi

    I played this it’s true this games have a great music and high quality effects.

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