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I hate missions! What’s in this update for me?


All is on track for the release of the tech mine expansion pack tomorrow. Even if you don’t play the missions, there are plenty of changes to look forward to in the update (these affect the whole game, not just the new levels):

  • much quicker level generation and startup
  • you can now check objectives when outside of the camp by tapping on the stars in the corner
  • subtle character animations added, such as blinking
  • the cracks created when digging have been redrawn and have more stages, so you get more feedback when digging tough ground
  • lots of sprites retouched or redrawn
  • added a small element of randomness to the digging, so it doesn’t always take the same number of hits for a particular ore
  • less memory usage, less battery usage, better performance
  • removed annoying bat poop sound
  • lifts arrive slightly faster
  • added more detail to the map screen
  • silenced the low health warning when on the surface
  • fixed restart logo sometimes appearing in wrong ratio
  • fixed character “running on the spot” when returning to the game
  • fixed the characters in a conversation sometimes disappearing rather than sliding in/out
  • fixed a bug where the map markers could appear in the wrong location
  • fixed the saving spinner hanging around when it shouldn’t when in the shop or camp
  • fixed progress on hidden objectives animating when it shouldn’t
  • fixed an odd fade effect when stepping up a block that causing colour wierdness

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

32 thoughts on “I hate missions! What’s in this update for me?

  1. When I play freeplay on Extreme, it only shows up as pro in the saved game menu and in-game in the tent saving screen?!?!

  2. I’m stuck at the photography level. I collected the silver but don’t know what to do. Help!

    • Stand in front of the table and take a photo.

    • Take a photo while standing in front of the table.

    • Once you have the silver, stand in front of the table and use the camera in your inventory.

    • I’m having same problem. When I use the camera in front of the table, it says I don’t have any photos to develop. But I have taken photos, several of them. I also have found the silver.

      • It sounds like you’ve found a bug that I’ve just been fixing. Did you take a picture of the professor? If so, then it gets stuck in a state in which you cannot develop your photos. The only solution for now is to restart the level and make sure you don’t take a picture when the professor is around. Sorry 😦

        I hope to release the update which fixes this (and also includes several other bug fixes and a nice surprise) in the next week.

        • On The Professor level, the battery that I pick up that is below and to the right of Harold (going down the elevator you need to fix) doesn’t register. It says I found a battery but doesn’t go to my inventory or not increase the fill of the achievent star at the top.

        • Yup. He gave me the camera and I tapped on it to see what it did. I did restart the level, thinking the problem was having more than 1 photo. With only taking a photo of the lava lake, everything worked fine.

  3. Cool, a long time in the making. Not as charming as the jungle adventure, but still great fun. Completed it already fill full stars, so not too hard. It would be great to have some way of introducing difficulty into these mission packs (which I don’t really feel the extra objectives quite do).

    One bug I found; It’s the level of making a connection between two mines, and there’s a treasure hidden “under the old toilet”, but after finding it the success message was about completing the main objective. Not sure if I talked to anyone in some order you didn’t anticipate, but there it was. It recorded at least the right objective, though.

    Another “flaw” was in the flooding of the electricity mission I raced forth, but went down the wrong elevators. When the power goes out, there is no way to get back up; you wouldn’t have enough ladders to get back sell your loot to buy more ladders (in the mission’s intended way) Also … when you build the wind turbines, do the spin the wrong way around? Wouldn’t the grip of the axle be the other way around?

    Apart from that, all good, although I would have loved to see more done with the new toys, like the coal claw and the remote digger (would be fun to have a whole mission of just driving that thing around! That would be awesome!)

    Thanks for the mission pack; great fun.

    • Thanks for the feedback! There will be a smaller update in the next month which will fix some of the smaller issues. I’m looking to include a freeplay tech mode in a similar way to the rainforest one, but I need to address the balance because of the difference in ladder/support prices.

      I’m also testing some difficulty options in the mission packs, but that will most likely be a little further off as the balance is much harder to get right with difficult levels.

  4. Been looking forward to this for a long time, and it was worth the wait. The higher prices made it a bit more challenging, and took a little getting used to. I only wish that there was a freeplay mode using the same scheme.

  5. I can’t find the wrench that would allow me to rescue Donald on the level that you connect the two mines. Help?

  6. 2 bugs for me in latest update few play mode. the sign sprite is invisible in both the shop and my inventory, and i can no longer see over the edge down – you dig sideways to a drop off, and get very close to the edge, but the ground below is never revealed until you leap blindly.

  7. So what is the ETA for the update to hit the Amazon App Store?

  8. In the Tech Mine, in mission 3, where a miner flies with Harold in a balloon, after opening the bottle and lowering to the lower clouds, nothing happens. And fly indefinitely. Tried to tap in different places, but there is no response to tapping. What to do?

    • After the last update started again Tech Mine. In either Normal, or Hard mode on the animation before level 3 i have a problem. As before, after dropping into the lower clouds Miner and Harold fly indefinitely. Is anyone else has the same problem?

  9. Have a new android device. Any way to transfer my files from the old device to the new one?

  10. Hey mate, what happened to that update you have been promising? 😉

    • Yeah, I’ve been checking that app store daily. I’m sure you have a totally legit reason for not doing it yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. Thanks for the awesome game Mr. P!

  11. Hi, thanks for todays update.
    However, generating a map on techmine in free play ends in force close.
    Normal and rainforest in freeplay are fine.

    Thanks for this great and fun game!

    • Thanks for the bug report. I’ve identified the problem and it will be fixed in the next update. In the meantime the workaround is to go into the tech mine mission pack level select screen (you’ll see the “loading” message popup) then go back to freeplay and it should work. The problem is that the tech mine assets are only loaded when going into the mission pack, whereas they should also be loaded when starting tech mine freeplay.

      • I bought the game from Amazon Store and don’t have updates available… Will they be soon? Sorry for my bad English. The game is awesome!!

  12. Level 10 wind power , i already got the card and open the secret gate but cant get 3 stars

  13. I’m not able to find the mole with the key card in the tech mission pack hard level. I’m pretty sure I have checked each mole, is there one I’m missing?

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