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Tuesday Update


Today was a bit of a mish-mash, but here’s what I managed to do:

– new character

– ‘enemy’

– improved locked character images (silhouettes)

– several bugs fixed, mostly graphical

– better in-game ui for time trial and friend rescue challenge modes

– level difficulty tweaks

The most common question is “when will it be finished?”, well I have finalised what I wish to include and produced a todo list and it’s length is currently 27 items. These vary from 10 minute tasks to several hours. I hope to release  next week.

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Update

  1. Well, whenever you finish, most of us will be patiently waiting. There’s this addictive game on the market about a bouncing cow… haha

  2. We can wait patiently for the release… there is a really addictive free game on the market. It’s about a bouncing cow… haha

  3. I think that you should call the full version “Abduction: The Big One” This is larger than thY previous version, since more animals get captured. you could also Ghink of it as a bigger Just wondering, did you happen to recieve my email at all (from too. got a double meaning.

  4. I wouldn’t mind waiting. I know the end result will be great.

  5. Wooooow thx man. But I have 1 question, does anyone know when paid apps will come for other country’s (especially the Netherlands?) Because I can’t buy it if google doesn’t allow it to…

  6. wow, my last post got effed up…quite difficult to read

  7. Yeah, my posts up top both gave me error messages (hence the re-post). The full game could be called Abduction: Worldwide because it has more than one level…

  8. Feature request:
    This would be a great game for kids (based on the free market version), if there was either a “kid” mode or a cheat whereby you could respawn instead of restart. Either just straight infinite lives or something more nuanced — as it is, just a little too frustrating for my little ones. I know my 3 and 5 year olds would be both love to play and keep playing. (And yes, I’d definitely buy (or donate?) if that feature is there.)

  9. I think this game could be called Abduction: Animal Kingdom! That leaves plenty of room for level and boss names. Plus it sounds good.

  10. great game i have to say I got caught in the office twice already.Please call it Abduction: Get the Alien bastards… Love it you should have a proper website. Also can there be other characters such south park,family guy and other on there to choose from.

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