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Thursday Update


I spent today doing more backend stuff – database and unlockables framework. I redid the challenges screens which I wasn’t happy with and they are a lot neater now. The challenges also have names and aim descriptions. My fiance playtested some of the challenges as well and I may need beta testers to check difficulty levels some time soon.

I’ll finish off today doing some more character graphics. So far I have: Cow, Sheep, Gorilla, Giraffe, Rhino, Seal, Penguin, Kangaroo and Wombat. I’m planning to make a goat and hippo tonight. Any other animals you’d like to see?

Author: Psym

Developer of Abduction! and the Gem Miner series.

18 thoughts on “Thursday Update

  1. I would LOVE to see a tiger in this game, in perhaps a jungle theme? Also, if u need beta testers…*wink wink*

  2. a polar bear would also be cool to see
    and as for beta testers i would love to be one

  3. beta testing?! cool, if you need some give me a sign! Oh and I would love to see an Rabbit 😉

  4. yes,rabbit!:)and yes-me for betatester.))

  5. Yes, rabbit would be nice. And perhaps a turtle, “boring” but cute reptile? 🙂

  6. yea rabbit and tiger would be awesome… but what about a man and a woman ?!?!?!?!?!?!? and yes i’d love to be tester also xDDDD

  7. this game is the cause of all of my battery loss on my g1….
    But for some reason my score never seems to be high enough.
    Anyone know the trick?

  8. I know this is weird. but any chance you can make a cute little octopus? it’s my favorite animal. ^^

  9. I second (or third or fourth?) the tiger idea. Other ideas: Squirrel, kiwi (the bird of course, although the fruit would be amusing…), ferret (close to squirrel I guess… squirrel would be first choice), fish (the jumping motion reminds me of a fish out of water), and an alien! Like the alien got left behind and is trying to make it back to the ship!

    • i do like the alien idea and fish along with an actual bouncing FRUIT but definetly add an octupus and do not forget a CHIHAHUA i know that it is kinda wierd but i have three at home so yeah plz plz

      also definetly wanna be a beta tester

  10. I would definitely be up for beta testing. Also, are there going to be profiles for the full version? Don’t want my wife messing up my game.

  11. This is the shizz…
    I can’t wait for the update.
    I think a bouncing fruit would be sweet.
    I had the easter egg… the kangaroo is awesome…
    I think you should do more easter eggs, like a unicorn? La chubacabera? (Spell check) a narwhal? Santa claus? Stuff from fiction, not that a bouncing fruit isn’t far enough from fiction!
    Keep up the good work!

  12. Omg beta testers?!?! I love the game and I am an active participant in giving suggestions and all that stuff plus I might not get to buy this game so let me play and if it is that great I might be qabe to convince my parents to get it plus a bouncing fruit and chihuahua

  13. Any chance of dinos? Heh I think dinos would be cool. Or how bout chameleon?

  14. I bought Papi Jump Plus and I will buy yours… the people that want free stuff are the ones that don’t understand about a hard work developing… If you ask for 4.99 dollars I will buy it its great well designed and addicting. It doesn’t matter what the price will be you are a genius and for that reason Ill buy it as soon as it came available. Don’t give anything for free… earn your respect and sell it as a business person. Good work.

  15. Help need download support. Entered wrong CVC code.
    Had to Do refund to re-enter card and purchase again. Now it will now download but I have purchsed again and been charged. I can not download the game on My G1 phone. It says starting but never downloads.

  16. Hi.
    First : very good job ! Best game i ever seen on mobile
    Now, here animals i’d like to play with :
    frog (i’m french)
    Shark, maybe growing in ‘sea level’
    Lion or black panther.
    Voilà. Good luck

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